You Goats To Be Kidding: These Goats Are Ridiculously Adorable

Goats are hands down the silliest creatures on the planet. They can scale a cliff at a nearly 90-degree angle and still look adorably hilarious. Let’s not even forget the adorable clickity, clackity sound they make hopping around on hardwood floors. If you don’t already think goats are the most adorable and silly animal to ever exist, these photos are definitely going to sway you.

Masters Of Climb

These goats are giving us major anxiety. It looks like their just one wrong move from plummeting to their death. How did they even climb up there anyway? They don’t even have opposable thumbs. How is this possible? Goats’ hooves are not your ordinary hooves. They are sharp and allow them to dig into the surface of cliffs. Their hooves are soft on the bottom, which allows their feet to seamlessly mold to the natural curves of the mountain. This is how they achieve their magical balance. As nerve-wracking as it is to look at, it’s unlikely these little fellows will fall down.