You Won’t Believe These Over-The-Top Luxury Pet Hotels

Dog and cat owners will be the first to admit that their pets are an important part of their family — they’re also a big investment. Petfinder says pet ownership has a minimum out-of-pocket expense of $526 annually and some pet owners are spending a mind-boggling $9,352 per year to pamper their pet. While some expenses go towards vet bills, food, toys, and other necessities, many people are also putting their furry friends up in posh pet hotels. Located all over the world, these hotels offer our pets the type of luxury many human travelers never have the opportunity to experience with a nightly price tag to match.

Wait until you read about the hotel that picks up and drops off your dog in a Ferrari!

The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel

The Ings

At the Ings Luxury Cat Hotel in Dewberry, England, comfort is this cattery’s first priority. Having sought information and research from veterinarians, respected cat owners, and animal organizations, its owners have created the ultimate boutique for the most pampered of felines. The variety of suites are based on human luxury hotel hotels and are equipped with everything a pet could possibly need for a comfortable and entertaining stay. For the guest who likes some extra room, they offer the “Woodland suite,” equipped with extra balconies facing the outdoor fields, a supersized activity wall, and a private flatscreen television. Some other amenities for guests include chef-prepared gourmet dinners, climbing trees, virtual fireflies, an opportunity to have a self-portrait done, and even bedtime stories. For around just $40 a day your cat could live in luxury.