You Won’t Believe These Over-The-Top Luxury Pet Hotels

Dog and cat owners will be the first to admit that their pets are an important part of their family — they’re also a big investment. Petfinder says pet ownership has a minimum out-of-pocket expense of $526 annually and some pet owners are spending a mind-boggling $9,352 per year to pamper their pet. While some expenses go towards vet bills, food, toys, and other necessities, many people are also putting their furry friends up in posh pet hotels. Located all over the world, these hotels offer our pets the type of luxury many human travelers never have the opportunity to experience with a nightly price tag to match.

Wait until you read about the hotel that picks up and drops off your dog in a Ferrari!

The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel

The Ings

At the Ings Luxury Cat Hotel in Dewberry, England, comfort is this cattery’s first priority. Having sought information and research from veterinarians, respected cat owners, and animal organizations, its owners have created the ultimate boutique for the most pampered of felines. The variety of suites are based on human luxury hotel hotels and are equipped with everything a pet could possibly need for a comfortable and entertaining stay. For the guest who likes some extra room, they offer the “Woodland suite,” equipped with extra balconies facing the outdoor fields, a supersized activity wall, and a private flatscreen television. Some other amenities for guests include chef-prepared gourmet dinners, climbing trees, virtual fireflies, an opportunity to have a self-portrait done, and even bedtime stories. For around just $40 a day your cat could live in luxury.

Auntie Barbara’s Bed, Bath, and Biscuit

Auntie Barbara's

Located in Lowell, Indiana, Auntie Barbara’s provides a luxurious, as well as active, stay for all of their canine guests. Without additional charges, it’s around $40 a night for one animal. The services include doggie daycare, hotel stays, and grooming. Founded in 1997, the hotel holds 14 suites and sits on a 10-acre property with various fenced play areas and a pool with tons of activities. Its motto is “Your pet should have a great vacation too!” The suites are full-sized rooms that include furniture (if permitted), windows, doors, ceiling fans, heating and air conditioning. The dogs are let out to play eight times a day, seven days per week and are even given a personal friend (human or dog) for one-on-one interaction. If that doesn’t sound like dog heaven, I don’t know what is.

The Pooch Hotel

The Pooch Hotel

The Pooch Hotel has locations in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Texas, and Colorado. Focusing primarily on dogs, they are open 24/7 for drop-off and pick-up and also provide 24/7 webcam access to check in on your pet. They offer daycare, boarding, spa/grooming, and dog training. All-day play is available for well-socialized dogs, as well as individual play sessions with access to treadmills and the pool. For $90-$125 a night, the private suites have spacious accommodations that use natural lighting, glass doors, and options for cuddle time. Some of the higher-end suites such as the presidential and palace suites include a flat-screen TV as well as an endless list of amenities to keep guests occupied at all times. You can even customize your dog’s boarding experience to meet their personal needs.

The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa

The Barkley

The Barkley, located in Westlake Village, CA is a pet resort that cares for dogs, cats, birds, and other exotics. Located next to the Westlake Village Animal Hospital, The Barkley is a 50,000 square foot pet care campus that offers boarding, grooming, training, and doggie day camp. The Barkley has a range of five different suites varying in pricing to meet your animals needs and your budget. The suites are even separated into themed wings such as Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Boulevard, and Barkley Park. At $98 a night without additional charges, each animal receives three walks a day, catered breakfast and dinner, maid and linen service, and music and television if desired. On top of all of that, the hotel offers surf lessons, bedtime stories, and even limousine rides. Essentially, your pet will be treated like royalty.

Hotel Cat

Hotel Cat

At Hotel Cat is in Sway, England, they aim to create a country club environment for their guests so that they won’t want to go home. With only seven suites, each cat is personally cared for to the highest standards with individual attention throughout the day. There are differently-themed suites which feature glass doors for continuous stimulation, each with a full-size bed and duvet. The rooms are also complete with a personal door to an outside garden area filled with toys and stimulating attractions. With the smallest suite being 154 square feet and the largest 348 square feet ($46 a night), space is certainly not an issue. All food is served on china with the option for a fine dining menu which offers selections such as poached salmon and cod or prawn and crab medley. I don’t even eat that well!

D Pet Hotels

D Hotels

D Pet Hotels is a 5-star luxury dog hotel chain with five different locations across the U.S. They pride themselves on being the opposite of a dog kennel and make sure that their services and accommodations are as close to home as possible. The suites are modern-styled, which feature full-sized beds, flat screen televisions, personal catering as well as cleaning on a regular basis. The D Pet Hotels also offer doggie daycare with a full-time park staff, three dog parks spanning more than 6,000 square feet, air conditioning, endless amounts of toys, and consistent decontamination. They also offer grooming with haircuts, massages, “pawdicures,” vitamin baths, and more. Also, if you’re crunched for time you can opt for the D-Chauffeur. A driver will pick up and drop off your pet in a Ferarri, Lamborghini, Gallardo, Bentley, or Rolls Royce. Wow.

You won’t believe the pet hotel at Walt Disney World!

Morris Animal Inn

Morris Animal Inn

Offering services to both cats and dogs, the Morris Family Inn is a family-run business based in Morristown, NJ. They provide a variety of options for pets such as dog and cat boarding, daycare, grooming, and even dog training. Boarding accommodations include furnished suites, room and maid service, happy-hour treats, soothing music, and climate-controlled surroundings. The Morris Inn also offers personalized pampered pet sessions designed for your dog’s particular needs, group play, nature walks, swimming, tuck-in services, and even pet birthday parties. While dogs get their own special treatments, so do the cats, who have a designated kitty playroom, a daily gourmet seafood treat (Catch O’ The Day), kitty walks, quiet time/tuck-ins, and even interactive computer game sessions. Your pets will not be bored here!

Longcroft Luxury Cat Group


What started off as one woman’s dream turned into a reality, now with 14 different locations across the UK. Longcroft is a luxury cat hotel that provides the treatments and decor typical of any typical 5-star human hotel. For around $25 a day, you get a selection of themed suites such as the orchid or snowdrop, all including wrought iron beds with the softest pillows. They are also provided with an “A La Cat” menu served and catered on bone china, as well as separate bedrooms and themed garden/play areas. Soothing music is played throughout the day as guests observe nature from their suite windows. Longcroft also offers an extensive spa treatment, a full mini bar with cat toys and treats, additional play sessions, and nighttime care.

Olde Towne Pet Resort

Old Towne Pet Resort

At the Olde Towne Pet Resort in Springfield, Virginia, cats and dogs experience nothing short of luxury. The dog and cat boarding facilities are held up to resort standards with controlled heat and air conditioning, commercial grade laundry, gourmet meals, personal attention, and video cameras so you can watch your pet at any time. For activities, they offer swimming, fitness classes, dog training, playtime, one-on-one interaction and more. There are also special services, which include vacation pictures, a pet shopping spree, birthday parties, tuck-ins, and personal chauffeurs. The resort also prides itself on their spa, which features a variety of massages, face masks, relaxation baths, and grooming. Sounds like a tough life at the Olde Towne.

Divine Creatures

Divine Creatures

Located in Willoughby, Australia, the luxury cattery Divine Creatures is the ultimate cat getaway down under. Claiming to be a six-star cat resort, they provide a variety of different themed suites for your feline ranging from Delux Condos, New York City Apartments, Paris, Fijian Resort, and even African Safari. The resort offers playtime in their state-of-the-art jungle gym room, with endless places for your cat to play and explore. All suites are decorated and furnished to ensure your cat’s comfort and include televisions, veterinarian caretakers, and personalized menus for every meal. Of course, they also have a cat spa for massages and pedicures. For $100 a day, they believe that the owner shouldn’t be the only one getting a vacation.


Fit Dog

Starting out around $60 a day, Fitdog is a dog overnight boarding service that also provides daytime care in Santa Monica, California. At Fitdog, their goal is to keep their guests as healthy as possible by ensuring lots of exercises, as well as plenty of rest and care. Inside the facility, there is a 3,000 square foot dog park for every dog’s needs as well as a loving staff to watch and nurture them. Fitdog also keeps a strict daily regiment that includes (optional) beach and canyon outdoor walks, snack time, naps, dinner, and even a puzzle playtime to exercise guests’ brains. When staying the night, the dogs are treated to minibar service, memory foam mattresses, and tons of personalized care. This is the place for the most active dogs around.

Best Friends Pet Hotel

Best Friend

The Best Friends Pet Hotel is a pet care daycare and lodging center with over 52 centers and hospitals in over 20 different states with one even conveniently located at Walt Disney World. Their new and improved Play & Stay program offers your pet comfortable accommodations with furnished suites, daily maid service, customized activities, and playtime. Dogs and cats can choose to stay solo or run with the pack. For pets that need more attention, they offer Play & Stay PLUS with a little extra personalized care and a bedtime story. All animals receive a report card after their stay. Best Friends also offers various grooming treatments, training, and even play dates with other animals.

Coming up is a hotel that even offers acupuncture available for their guests!

Chateau Poochie

Chateau Poochie

Just the name “Chateau Poochie” makes it quite clear that this is no common overnight animal kennel. A $2 million facility located in Pompano Beach, Florida, the list of lavish accommodations for both cats and dogs goes on and on, at a minimum cost of $40 a night. As described in the hotel’s mission statement, “Pets are pampered, entertained, and indulged with meticulous care and personal attention…we offer sumptuous accommodations, lavish amenities, and an unparalleled 5-star resort beyond imagination.” The mission statement is proven by the Chateau’s luxurious suites which offer endless perks including aromatherapy treatments, extreme makeovers, and on-site prepared food. Equipped with a limo, the Chateau is willing to pick up your pet for their appointment at the Zen Wellness Center, a doggie party at the Social Club, or in-house session with a modeling agency photographer.

Wag Hotels

Wag Hotels

Wag Hotel is a California-based dog hotel with establishments in Sacramento, San Francisco, Redwood City, Oakland, and Santa Clara. At Wag Hotel, their philosophy is to create a fun safe, comfortable, and convenient community of pet lovers as well as among the animals themselves. For doggie boarding, the Ultra Suites include themed extra-large suites, plush bedding, a complimentary bath, nightly video chat with owners, custom movie selection, internet, and access to all other amenities. Cats receive similar treatment but with two complimentary Kitty Cuddles a day and cat-specific entertainment. They also offer seasonal parties and camps, indoor and outdoor play areas, a salon, and a 24/7 valet. This is dog pet hotel is not messing around.

Meadow Cat Hotel


At the Meadow Cat Hotel in Cornwall, UK, pampering cats and ensuring their maximum comfort is their top priority. Each room has a light and spacious exercise area, which includes a panoramic view over the property’s wildflower meadow. Each room is temperature controlled with fresh air constantly being recycled through it. Starting at $35 for a single suite, the rooms are also equipped with state-of-the-art climbing furniture, wrought iron beds, and lavish bedding. Throughout the day, cats are played with and exposed to all kinds of stimulation with areas to climb, stalk, run, and sleep. There are also bubble play sessions! Humans are offered cat cam surveillance and consistent e-mail updates. There is even a gourmet menu available with items such as Scottish salmon filet, chicken breast, or king prawns.

Posh Pet Hotel

Posh Pet

In Palm Beach, Florida, Posh Pet Hotels is doing big things in the luxury pet hotel business. As their website explains, “They are committed to delivering the highest level of pet pampering, grooming, and training for both dogs and cats.” With up to 103 custom suites starting at $50 a night, this resort strives for excellence. The Posh Presidential suite is 100 square feet, equipped with a queen memory foam bed, 42″ television, panoramic glass views, crystal chandeliers, 24/7 room service… you get the picture. Cat boarding is similar, yet more cat-friendly with personal fish tanks for viewing multiple stories, and continuous personal attention. They also offer daycare with supervised play times, custom equipment, and “easy turf” for joint comfort. The salon has everything your pet needs to look good and feel fresh including acupuncture, therasage, cold laser therapy and more.

Whiskers Resort and Pet Spa


Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Whiskers is proud to announce that “every dog and cat is treated like a cherished family member.” When it comes to overnight boarding they have a variety of different suites, and room service delivered up to three times a day. The Penthouse, at $95 a night, is a 10×10′ room that comes with a daybed, a couch, and a flat-screen television just like your own home. It is also equipped with a private and spacious outdoor terrace. Cats also get in-room dining, rotating playtime, rooms equipped with cat trees, and a TV (of course). Additional services include extra playtime, special room service, aromatherapy, and bedtime turn-down service. Also, Whiskers is prepared to meet any of your pet’s grooming or training needs.

Luxe Pet Hotel


The Luxe in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a 21,00 square foot pet hotel for both cats and dogs. The Luxe prides itself on its “no hidden fees” policy so animal guests get everything they need without the customer paying extra. Dogs in the Celebrity and High Roller seats are provided with a spacious living area, a Queen or King-sized memory foam bed, a Prada or Louis Vuitton-themed room, a 43-inch television, 24/7 camera access, and unlimited playtime. Cats are provided with kitty play areas, a 32-inch television. soothing music, and treats. However, both canines and felines have access to the gourmet menu! If you’re up to it they also have a boutique with pet accessories with Swavorski crystals embedded in them. Now you and your pet can match!

Westldoge Boarding Cattery


This UK cattery is taking boarding cats to a whole new level. Here at Westlodge, lodging is a bit exclusive with only 13 suites available. Each cat is provided with an individual caretaker to brush, play, and meet their every need. Inside the Cattery, suites are lit by natural daylight yet are heated and cooled to a feline’s preference. Guests are also provided with tall cat furniture within each room, with a bed covered by blankets and pillows. The two V.I.C (Very Important Cat) suites are priced at $25, granting the cat access to an exclusive view of the on grounds Koi pond, their own waterfalls, and access to the extensive feline menu dishes such as whitefish, prawns, and tuna served on china dishes.

The Wagington


According to its website, The Wagington in Singapore “[o]ffers all discerning pets with an aristocrat experience that have exceeded all kennels by industry standards and together with a team of canine professionals, we provide owners with an incomparable piece of mind in an unparalleled five-star resort beyond imagination”. All 40 suites are designed in the classic Edwardian style. Each suite features furnishings, private glass doors, and faux leather orthopedic beds. Cats are also offered very similar living standards. Each pet is also eligible for the in-house gourmet food menu. Guests can also enjoy the spas many treatments, the exercise course, or swim in the pool. This is a pet hotel fit for a king.