105 Halloween Cat Costumes That Will Make You Smile

Cats in Halloween costumes are adorable. From lobster outfits to a scuba cat that’s ready to go diving for its own fish, I can’t get enough of these adorable outfits.

Many of these Halloween cat costumes can be put together on your own — while others are available for purchase online.

Even if you’re not a cat fan, it’s hard to deny that the Panda cat hasn’t won over your heart or that the Yoda outfit is anything short of amazing.

Which cat Halloween costume is your favorite?

1. Piggy Cat

Cutest Pig Cat Halloween Costume Ever

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2. Nick Furry Cat

3. Nibble Cat

4. Nyan Cat IRL

Nyan Cat Halloween Costume

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5. Zelda Cat

Zelda Cat Halloween Costume

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