12 Kids Who Made Friends With Zoo Animals. The Monkey Suit Is Adorable.

The next time you head to the zoo, you might want to have your camera ready. You just never known when your small child will make friends with a Lion, or Tiger, or Bear.

Sure the animals are still hidden behind huge sheets of glass and cages, but that doesn’t make these new found friendships any less adorable.

1. Bear and Little Girl Play Nice at the Zoo.

Baby Makes Friends With Zoo Animal

1. Someone is going to need a nap after this zoo encounter.

Swimming Friends at the Zoo

3. Baby Gorilla makes friends with Toddler.

4. This Polar Bear might be deadly, but he loves this little boy. 

Making Friends with Monkey at the ZooKid Befriends Polar Bear at the Zoo

5. OMG look at that giant banana! Not really friends, more like a snack.

Adorable Banana Suit at Zoo

6. A Kangaroo takes the food it wants.

Little Girl Makes Friends with Kangaroo

7. Bear introduces itself to young boy.

Big Bear Meets Little Baby

8. A Big Cat and a Little Boy.

A little Kid and a big cat at the zoo

9. Yet another Bear with a child in a costume.

Bear and Little Child Meet at the Zoo

10. Giraffe makes friends with mom and daughter.

Giraffe Meets mom and daughter at the zoo

11. Oh no, this little gorilla was put in time out by its mommy.

Kid Meets Gorilla at the Zoo

12. This Walrus just wants a friend and they found one.

Water Animal and Child at the Zoo

I’m a big fan of the little boy in the banana suit. Share your favorite with your friends on Facebook.