13 Memes Pulled From Real Life Situations Many Of Us Have Faced

Real life can be a funny time as we deal with love, loss, struggles and successes. Then again, sometimes we just deal with the idiosyncratic routine in some really funny ways. Check out these hilarious memes and share the ones you can relate to with your friends on Facebook.

1. The truth about running for fun.

Awesome Life Meme

2. Proving once and for all that we are all a little OCD.

Awesome Real Life Meme - So Funny

3. Scared of the dark? It is more common then you might think.

Awesome Real Life Meme

4. Why is this always so hard.

Funny Meme For Real Life

5. I’m both people. I apparently have multiple keyboard personality disorder.

Hilarious Meme for Real Life

6. Sorry kids but this is correct.

Meme Real Life

7. Procrastination, the bastard child of the internet.

Memes We Can Relate To

8. Unless of course you are a dog person.

Real Life Meme - Awesome

9. This is part of my own daily routine, just ask my wife.

Really Fun Meme for Real Life

10. Every… Single… Time…

Real Life Memes

11. This is always awkward.

Relateable Memes

12. This is a decidedly American problem.

True to Life Memes

13. The state of American education described perfectly.

What Real Life Is Like MemeCan you relate to any of these memes?