15 Dad photobombs that prove men never really grow up

Dad Photobombs

Dads are awesome. They are there to protect us, educate us, and teach us that it’s okay to have a bunch of fun. Sometimes they are also there to make sure we are thoroughly embarrassed by their strange and quirky actions.

These dads prove that guys really don’t fully grow up a lot of the time. Their photobombs are perfectly timed and expertly executed and just plain silly.

Here are 15 dad photobombs you don’t want to miss:

It’s flying chicken dad!

He positioned himself in the Ocean for this photobomb.

A beautiful picture and a crazy dad.

Just funny enough to not be creepy.

Don’t mess with me kid.

This dad has mastered the art of embarrassing his kid.

I’m watching you kid so be careful.

A photoshopped photobomb that’s sure to send a strong message to this boy.

PDA is being fought one dad photobomb at a time.

He jumped into the frame right at the wrong time.

Dad’s know just when to ruin a perfectly good photo.

This guy wins at dad photobombing. Eek.

Everything about this photo is weird.

This dad actually looks like a lot of fun.

Even babies are not safe from dad photobombs.

Dads continue to prove to the internet that they are all just a bunch of goofy grown-up children, and we would have it no other way.