15 Hilarious Childhood Photo Recreations

What happens when you pull out old childhood photographs and begin to reminisce? For these amateur photographers, they decided it was time to recreate some of their favorite childhood memories.

In some of the photos, the photographers simply recreate an adorable photo from the past. In other photographs, the subjects decide to recreate their childhood with hilarious results.

Growing from an awkward child into a mature adult is fund to watch before our eyes. Then again, some of these people grew from awkward kids into equally awkward adults.

1. A Baby And Dad Create The Same Photo

Baby and Dad Take Same Photo Via: Everyday Health

2. I’m Batman… No I’m Batman.

Brothers Grow Up - Recreate Halloween Costumes - Batman Via: Stylish Eve

3. Halloween Photo Recreations Are Popular

From Child to Adult - Same Halloween Costume Via: Imgur

4. Years Later And Still The Same Goofy Look

Growing up and recreating our photos from childhood Via: Awesomeness Unleashed

5. These Brothers Recreate Their Childhood Photo

Grown Brothers recreate Childhood photo Via: Stylish Eve

6. Recreating A Childhood Photo From A Road Trip

Recreating a childhood road trip photo Via: Stylish Eve

7. The Adult Looks Like They Are Having More Fun Than Their Young Self

Recreating Childhood Photo Via: The FW

8. Words Can’t Explain How Much I Love This Photo

Recreating Childhood Photos Via: Awesomeness Unleashed

9. Just As Geeky Many Years Later

Recreating our Childhood in Photos Via: Stylish Eve

10. Neigh!!! And Lol.

Recreating our Childhood in Photos Via: S.Likes-Media.com

11. Someone Grew Up Grumpy

Same Dolly Years Later - Same Photo Via: I Am Bored

12. A School Photo Recreated Years Later. Is That The Same Exact Shirt?

School Day Photo Recreated Years Later Via: Imgur

13. From Geeky To Geeky. This Family Is Awesome

Taller but Still Goofy - Photo recreation Via: Pin Img

14. This Guy Has An Awesome Mom For Helping Him Recreate This Baby Photo

This is one disturbing childhood recreation photo Via: Stylish Eve

15. And From Puppy To Full Grown Adult

Photo Recreation - Puppy to Doggy Via: Imgur

Which one of these adorable childhood photo recreations is your favorite?