These 16 dogs cuddle with babies and it’s absolutely perfect

Perhaps we should start referring to dogs as “baby’s best friend” because these photos of pups cuddling with babies will melt your heart in record time.

I really can’t think of many things that are more adorable than an innocent little dog cuddling up to an innocent little baby.

From puppies laying next to babies, to dogs that allow their human friends to use them as pillows and vice versa, there are definitely some friendships for life developing in these pictures.

Check out these 16 dogs as they snuggle with their baby friends.

Passed out on a very understanding dog.

Passed out on puppy
Photo Credit: The Science Dog

The copy cat puppy pose.

Copycat Dog
Photo Credit: MB Time Traveler

Going head-to-head.

Going head-to-head
Photo Credit: Canine Nature

Sharing is caring.

Puppy pillow and sharing is caring
Photo Credit: Dil CDN

Big Spoon, Little Spoon

Big Spoon little Spoon puppy and babby
Photo Credit: Rant Chic

Double cuddles.

Double puppy cuddles with baby
Photo Credit: The Bark Post

So this is what they mean by doggy bed.

An actual doggy bed
Photo Credit: Amazing World Site

Baby and doggy share a rocker.

Baby and doggy in a baby rocker
Photo Credit: Pic Mia

Baby chillin’ with his doggy pack.

baby chilling with the doggy pack
Photo Credit: Lifestyle 9

I call top bunk!

Baby laying on top of big dog
Photo Credit: Life Buzz

Cuddling just close enough to watch over the baby.

Doggy watching over the baby
Photo Credit Pin Img

Diaper Pillow.

Diaper Pillow and the family dog
Photo Credit: Pin Img

Best friends for life.

best baby and doggy friends
Photo Credit: Tail and Fur

All nuzzled up.

Cuddling with puppies
Photo Credit: Amazing World Site

Keeping baby nice and warm.

Keeping baby nice and warm
Photo Credit: The Odyssey Online

Whose watching over who here?

Baby watching over puppy
Photo Credit: EMGN