The Similarities Between These Things Are Hilarious

Our world is fully of different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Sometimes when we are really lucky, we discover similarities between different people, places, and things, which give us a good laugh.

Once you see these very different items and their similarities, you will look at the world a bit differently.

1. Grandma From Looney Tunes?

Real Life Grandma from Looney Toons
Via: Reddit

2. Puppy and A Teddy Bear – Twins

Puppy and a Teddy Bear Via: Reddit

3. iphone Case Looks Identical To Woman’s Clothing

iPhone Case and a Ladies Entire Outfit Via: Reddit

4. Real Life Eric Cartman

Real Life Eric Cartman Via: Reddit

5. Vladimir Putin Looks Like A Dog

Vladimir Putin Looks Just LIke A Dog Via: Reddit

6. Little Girl Looks Like Real Life Cabbage Patch Kid Doll

Little Girl Looks Like Her Cabbage Patch Kid Doll Via: Google Plus

7. High Fashion Dress Or A Feather Duster?

High Fashion or a Feather Duster Via: EMGN

8. McKayla Maroney and a Bunny Rabbit

McKayla Maroney and a Bunny Rabbit

9. Kim Kardashians Outfit Looks Like Mrs. Doubtfire’s Dress and A Couch Cover

Kim Kardashian Mrs Doubtfire and a couch Via: TMZ

10. Nicky Minaj Looks EXACTLY Like A Troll

Nicky Minaj and a Troll Doll Via: The Meta Picture

11. Dog And It’s Owner Look The Same

Dog and its Owner Lookalike Via: Reddit

12. Yellow Dress And A Caterpillar

Yellow Dress and a CaterpillarYellow Dress and a Caterpillar

13. Snoop Dog Looks Like A Dog

Snoop Dog Actually Looks Like A Dog Via: Kolaborando

14. Candy Looks Like A Man’s Head

Candy Looks Like A Mans Head Via: Imgur

15. Dog Looks Like Richard Branson

Dog Looks Like Richard Branson Via: Reddit

16. Guy Looks Like The Grandpa From Pixar’s UP

Guy Looks Like Grandpa From UP Via: Reddit

17. Justin Timberlake’s Old Hair Looks Like Ramen Noodles

Justin Timberlake and Ramen Noodles Via: CheezeburgerThese

Which one of these funny similarities is your favorite?