These 19 puppies look exactly like bear cubs

dogs that look like bears

It’s no contest that puppies and bear cubs are both adorable, so when you have a puppy that looks like a bear cub, it gets extra points.

While we can’t cuddle bear cubs for fear their mother’s will eat us, the worst threat from a puppy’s mom is a lick on the face.

BoredPanda compiled a list a while back of puppies that look like bear cubs and the response was overwhelming. These 19 puppies made the top list for the site with their fluffy cuteness.

Here are 19 puppies that look just like bear cubs. 

#19 – German Shepherd/Akita/Corgi Mix

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This fluffy little guy is practically a domesticated bear with his coloring, ear shape, and head shape. Just look at those cute puppy eyes!

#18 – Puppy Polar Bear?

Not Sure If My Friend Got a Puppy or a Baby Polar Bear…

This puppy is maybe actually a polar bear, but definitely adorable either way.

#17 – Pomeranian and Teddy Ruxpin

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When this little guy showed up at doggie day care, workers thought he was in the wrong place. Though we aren’t really sure if they have bear cub day care…

#16 – Wally the Pikapom and Teddy Pom mix

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Whatever this little guy is, we bet his owners get a lot of bear-related questions when they take him for a walk.

#15 – Chow Chow Puppy

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This Chow Chow puppy had its first winter experience. If he were a bear, we bet he’d chose hibernation.

#14 – Pomeranian Puppy

T-Rex the Pom Pom (bear!)

This little Pomeranian could actually be a black bear. Who knows with a name like T-Rex.

#13 – Caucasian Shepherd Puppy

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Still a puppy and already larger than most full-grown dogs. This dog’s definitely on our radar for a potential bear in disguise.

#12 – Eurasier Puppy

This Bear Puppy

This 10-week-old Eurasier puppy is keeping up appearances. Bear cubs can’t smile like that, right?

#11 – Chow Chow Twins

I will chow chow you to sleep!

This pair of Chow Chows could be used as pillows, though we’re betting they’d be a bit too wiggly for a good night’s rest.

#10 – Malamute Puppy

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This little Malamute puppy won’t grow up to be a polar bear. It won’t.

#9 – Kai Ken Puppy

kai puppies

These bear-like puppies may have fooled their owner, but we’re a bit skeptical about where they came from.

#8 – Samoyed/Golden Retriever Mix

This Samoyed Golden Retriever

This Samoyed/Golden Retriever mix could double as a polar bear cub.

#7 – German Shepherd Puppy

My German Shepherd puppy kinda looks like a bear cub…

This German Shepherd puppy looks a lot like a baby bear. Did the owner say if he recovered this pup from a cave in the forest?

#6 – Bear Disguised as Puppy

Isn’t this the cutest darn puppy/bear you’ve ever seen?

Hands down, we’re sure this puppy is really totally a bear. The Imgur user agrees, noting he wanted to hold it, but was too afraid to ask.

#5 – Baby Chow Chow

Bear Puppy photos

Baby Chow Chow or baby black bear? We aren’t quite sure on this one.

#4 – Teacup Toy Poodle

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This teacup toy poodle may not look like an actual bear, but it could double as a stuffed teddy bear.

#3 – Newfoundland Puppy

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This Newfoundland puppy seems to be enjoying its first time in the snow. Who said all bears hibernate?

#2 – Golden Retriever

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This golden retriever could be another polar bear in disguise, especially with that Coca Cola bottle in her paws.

#1 – Panda Bear Puppies

bear puppies in disguise

These puppies could almost double as little polar bears, if only they were a little more black and white.