19 Times When Incorrect Responses Were Technically Correct

Not every single situation or question has one single answer. Sometimes the way we ask for something or the way we say something can be misconstrued to mean something completely different than what we had hoped to achieve.

In these 19 cases some very clever and/or clueless people gave answers to questions or placed their ideas in such a way that their actions were incorrect in the general sense, but still technically correct in the eyes of some people.

1. I mean it’s Miller Light so… Technically Correct?

Beer is bottled water

2. This should have given the kid bonus points.

Circle all the number Zeroes

3. Truth in Advertising?

Crip License Plate

4. Crude but true.

Durex More Bang For the Buck

5. A valid response worth double points if you ask us!

Ferrari Vs. Nissan Math Humor

6. Can’t touch this answer, it’s perfect.

Hammertime Humor

7. Not correct but we will let it slide.

James Bond Humor

8. This logic is 100% accurate.

Lipton Taste Testing

9. I would love me some “long yellow things” from the produce section.

Long Yellow Thing

10. So wrong but 100% accurate.

Math Humor

11. I’ll stick with Asiago Cheese bagels thank you very much.

Pubic Hair on Everything donut

12. They were lowballing their pulling out advice.

Pull out and save 600 at Babies R Us

13. They received exactly what they asked for.

Single pepporni Pizza Humor

14. Siri’s answer is 100% correct. Apple Fanboys would say this is the “best” answer.

Siri Does Math humor

15. A perfectly likely street name.

Street Name T-Dog

16. It only asked if they “can” draw a magic mushroom.

Student on Mushrooms

17. I would have given the student credit.

synonym for cool

18. This could happen depending on the size of the ball or the force exerted.

Technically A Right Answer

19. Mom — Please learn about how Communication works.

This is how communication works

Sure some of these answers were likely given by people who didn’t know the correct information. However, I have a feeling that others were created specifically to have fun with people who were receiving the message.