Tired Of Hitting Snooze? Try One Of These 20 Inventive Alarm Clocks

I hit the snooze button an uncomfortable number of times, despite knowing that numerous studies have proven how bad it is to sleep my mornings away with extra moments of eye shutting. Several inventive companies have attempted to change the way we wake up, both through a new level of comfort and discomfort.

From an alarm clock that delivers us the wonderful smell of bacon, to a clock that literally flies away and makes you catch it, these alarm clocks are sure to wake you up, whether you want to open your eyes or not.

1. Written Reminder Alarm Clock – Jot Down Important Meetings

Written Reminder Alarm Clock You can write yourself reminders  and view them the moment you get up. I would use it to write motivational messages.

2. Wake Up And Work Out Alarm Clock

Wake Up Work Out Alarm Clock This alarm clock requires you to lift weights in order to turn it off. Talk about a great way to get the blood pumping.

3. Wake Up With This Vibrating Pillow Alarm Clock

Wake Up Vibrating Pillow Need helping getting out of bed in the morning? Nothing says get out of bed like a vibrating pillow against your head.

4. Wake Up And Turn Off This Alarm Clock With Your Body Weight

Wake Up and Walk Mat If your biggest problem with getting up is actually getting out of bed, this alarm clock requires you to stand on a mat to turn off its alarm buzzer.

5. Smell The Bacon With This Alarm Clock

Wake Up and Smell the Bacon The delicious smell of bacon can wake you up courtesy of a smartphone app, add-on device, and Oscar Mayer.

6. Wake ‘N Shake Alarm Clock App For Smartphones

Wake N Shake App Why not shake out the sleep with an alarm clock app that literally counts down your shaking capacity one percent at a time.

7. Wake Up Light – Alarm Clock

The Wake-Up Light This alarm clock uses an increasingly bright glow to naturally wake you up.

8. The Smile Alarm Clock

The Smile Alarm Clock Need to put a smile on your face. This app literally requires you to show your smile to your smartphone or tables camera. It uses facial recognition to determine if you are awake with a big smile on your face.

9. The Barisieur Coffee Brewing Alarm System

The Barisieur Coffee Brewing Alarm System Alarm goes off, coffee is brewed, you drink the coffee. Problem solved.

10. Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock – The Biggest Bang For Your Buck

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock 113 db of sound should do the trick in waking you up. If not this alarm clock also features alert lights and an optional bed shaking option.

11. The SnuzNLuz Alarm Clock

SnuzNLuz Alarm Clock If you don’t wake up this alarm clock will literally donate your money to organizations you hate. Just hitting snooze costs you money with this device.

12. Smash Alarm Clock – Beat Up Your Alarm Clock For Fun

Smash Alarm Clock In order to turn off this alarm clock you literally have to beat it.

13.Sing N Shock Alarm Clock – This Is My Personal Morning Torture

SingNShock This alarm clock bangs out your favorite tunes to wake you up. It also shocks you if that option is turned on. Touch the alarm clock and a “gentle” shock will make you jump out of bed.

14. Silent Alarm Clock – Let Your Partner Keep Sleeping

Silent Alarm Clock If you just want to wake up without disturbing your partner, this device vibrated on your wrist, shaking you awake while they remain in blissful slumber.

15. Lock N Load Gun and Target – Wake Up With Some Sharp Shooting

Lock n Load Gun and Target Alarm Clock How about waking up, pointing your laser gun at a target, and hitting a bullseye in order to turn off your alarm clock.

16. IQ Alarm Clock – Kick Your Brain Into High Gear

IQ Alarm Clock As it’s name suggests, this alarm clock makes you answer brainteasers every day in order to turn off its buzzer.

17. Couples Alarm Clock – Do You Do Everything Together

Couple's Alarm Clock Another vibrating bracelet. This alarm clock has two colors with different times set. Just put on the color for the time you need to wake up and you don’t have to disturb your partner.

18. Clocky Rolling Alarm Clock – Catch It If You Can

Clocky Rolling Alarm Clock This little guy will literally drive away from your bed, making you chase it in order to stop its buzzer.

19. Blowfly Flying Alarm Clock – This Is Just Fun

Blowfly Flying Alarm Clock By far my favorite alarm clock. The Blowfly Flying alarm clock flies away and requires you to put it back in the bowl before the buzzer will stop.

20. Alarm Clock Pillow – Get Your Head Out Of The Bed A Lot Faster

Alarm Clock Pillow This pillow increases its light output to gently wake you up, and it even displays the time for you in a cool dotted formation directly on your pillow.

So remember, the next time you are worried about waking up, there are plenty of really cool high-tech and fun alarm clock solutions available for purchase.

[H/T Distractify]