A Police Officer Saved The Life Of A Girl Who Always Waved To Him

Some friendships we develop in our lives can be truly life-changing. This statement has never been truer than when looking at the friendship between Klynn Scales and her favorite police officer in Missouri. Every day when she was nine-years-old, Klynn would wait for him to make his rounds. The pair looked forward to being the light in each other’s day. Then something happened to Klynn that could have cut her life tragically short if not for her friend. What exactly happened? How was Klynn’s life saved? What happened after?

Find out all the answers right here.

A Friendly Hello

At nine-years-old, Klynn Scales found her first hero; a local police officer who was assigned to make the rounds in her neighborhood every day. She kept track of what time he would be passing by her house and would sit by the window waiting. When he’d pass by, Klynn would excitedly wave to say hello.

The police officer enjoyed the friendly interaction and would wave back. Every day, the pair would exchange hellos, often brightening otherwise hard days. There’s a reason Klynn’s neighborhood was patrolled daily. She didn’t exactly have an easy childhood.