An Old Sinclair Gas Station Was Epically Remodeled, You Have To See The Final Product

A Sinclair gas station which opened in 1918 was recently remodeled to give it a new lease on life. Instead of updating the station’s gas pumps, they were removed. In fact, the entire inside of the location was gutted and transformed by the new owner to give it a new lease on life.

1. The Service Doors Were Transformed

Gas Station Turned into A Home

2. The Living Space IS Open And Inviting.

Sinclair Gas Station is now a home

3. The SInclair Gas station Features A Giant Kitchen.

Sinclair Gas Station

4. The Building Features A Staircase Leading To A Loft Bedroom.

Awesome Home instead of Gas Station

5. The Dining Room Offers An Homage To The Original Building.

Stay In A Sinclair Gas Station via AirBnB

6. The Loft Bedroom is Small But Very Functional.

Sinclair Gas Station in New Orleans

7. A renovated bathroom features a full Tub.

Amazing Renovation of Sinclair Gas Station in New Orleans

8. Just Look At The Internal View.

Amazing Gas Station Transformation

9. The Sinclair Gas Station Renovation Is Very Modern.

Amazing Gas Station Transformation in New Orleans

10. Living in The HOme Or Renting It On AirBnB Seems Like A Nice Option.

A Sinclair Gas Station in New Orleans

Repurposing an entire gas station takes a lot of imagination, but when done correctly, a historic building can become an amazing home. If you are traveling to New Orleans you can state at this renovated gas station by booking it through AirBnb.