These animals licking windows are perfect in every silly way

Animals Licking Windows - Featured Image

If you own a cat, dog, or some other species of pet, there is a very good chance you have seen them do some really strange but funny things.

One of the silliest observations we’ve made at GiveItLove is the number of both domestic and wild animals who love to lick windows.

From silly dogs who can’t seem to get enough glass on their tongue to foxes that look both menacing and adorable at the same time, these animals don’t exactly understand what glass is used for, but they apparently love the taste of the material.

1. This fox is the most serious of our window licking animal friends.

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2. This guy is having a super fun and silly time.

3. This squirrel is going to make its way into your home.

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4. Silly dog.

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5. Excuse me but I would like a shower.

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6. Check out this tiny adorable hamster tongue.

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7. This might be the happiest Otter in the world!

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8. Squirrel’s seem to be the most likely animal to lick a window.

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9. This little guy is just monkeying around.

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10. I want some of my Panda cake!

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11. Giraffe tongues are awesome even when not licking windows.

12. A crazy window licking gorilla.

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We don’t know why animals love licking windows but we sure love watching them do it. Share if you agree.