These Animals Have More Style And Grace Than All Of Us

Remember all the times you had to wear that scarf your grandma knitted? Sometimes you wore it cause you loved her, and sometimes you wore it because your mom forced you. In today’s latest fashion, animals are taking on, one by one, the products that your grandma knitted for you. It’s okay though, because they look adorable.

Next time your grandma offers to make you a hat to keep you warm, introduce her to the animal closest to you. Scroll down to see how cute animals can be when dressed!

This Bunny Who Was Born Without Ears

Bunny Without knitted on ears
Photo by instagram/@fluffy_vibez

Meet Mimi the bunny. She was born deaf and with only three legs. Thanks to her owner, Mimi has an entire set of bunny ears made of crocheted wool. The owner came up with the idea when she was searching for a name for the bunny.

She came across a form of cosplay where the characters have animal ears. The ears the characters used to dress up inspired her to make some for Mimi. Mimi may still not be able to hear but she is loved!

This Turtle With An Extra Soft Shell

turtle walking in front of cat with knitted shell
Photo by Twitter/ @meta_blum

The cat behind the turtle looks like it is questioning everything it thought it ever knew about turtles. it’s not wrong because this turtle looks more like a dinosaur than a turtle thanks to its knitted shell. Grandma obviously had too much time on her hands with this one. Or, maybe she was just trying to bring dinosaurs back!

The turtle better run fast though, before the cat gets to it. It may have won once against the rabbit in the old folk tale, but we’re not so sure it would win against the cat too.

This Guilty Goat

goat looking into camera with foam on its horns
thegoatspot/ WhiteFeatherFarms

Goats love to head butt, sometimes by accident, and sometimes just to be jerks. The story of the goat in this picture started when a user posted on an online form for the goat community. They asked for help to prevent the constant bruising this goat was inflicting.

The user complained that the goat loved to torment his horse companion. They tried placing tennis balls on the horns but they just weren’t cutting it. This is the solution they came up with! You can train a goat if you start early, just like with a dog.

This Cow Staying Warm With Earmuffs

Cow looking up with pink Earmuffs
Photo by Twitter/@ThisfarmingMan_

A Twitter user shared this picture of his cow with earmuffs and it snowballed! The farmer was trying to protect his cattle from the harsh weather. Now thanks to him, these earmuffs for his cows act as protection against frostbite and look absolutely adorable.

It’s important to protect cows from the cold as it can lead to frostbite, hypothermia and even death. Calves especially are not capable of maintaining a warm enough temperature and don’t respond well to cold changes.

This Patriots Fan

naked bird inside of a patriots knitted sweater
Photo by Instagram/@rhea_thenakedbirdie

This is Rhea, the naked bird. Rhea suffered from a feather virus named PBFD that caused all of her feathers to fall out and left her skin naked. As a result, she looks like a little pink dinosaur.

Her adopted mom started sharing pictures of her to teach the world a little something about self-love. The lesson is you’re beautiful no matter what you look like! Her owner knitted her little outfits to keep her warm but loved her no matter what she looked like.

These Photo-Ready Penguins In Sweaters

Penguins in Sweaters
Photo by The Penguin foundation and Phillip Island Nature Parks

The story behind this picture goes all the way back to 1990. Oil spills off of Australia’s Phillip Island threatened local penguins. Oil is very bad for penguins because it clumps up their feathers, exposing them to the cold and making them sick.

The Penguin Foundation created “Knits for Nature” and asked local volunteers for knitted sweaters for the penguins to wear and protect them from the oil spill. It worked! In fact, the foundation got too many sweaters and asked people to stop donating.

This Elephant On A Walk With a Custom Sweater

Rescued elephant
Photo by WildLife SOS

This elephant may look like it’s strutting the runway, but it’s actually being rescued. He is just one of many elephants that were either harmed or exploited and rescued by Wildlife SOS. The organization gives them a second chance at a free and healthy life.

Women in India volunteered to crochet this gigantic onesie to keep the elephant warm in the dropping temperatures. The whole sweater was done by hand and took a lot of work and time. Making just one of these sweaters took up to four weeks!

This Dog Model For Menswear

Nike Dog
Photo by Instagram/ @mensweardog

This is what happens when a graphic designer and fashion designer get married. The couple dressed up their family dog and uploaded a picture of him to Tumblr in 2013. Their post quickly gained attention and brands like Revlon started reaching out to them asking for the dog to model their products.

The owners are completely invested in the dog’s career. The wife even quit her job at Ralph Lauren to dedicate all her focus on the dog’s brand. They even came out with a fashion help book with the dog, so it has all really paid off!

These Cozy Chickens

Chicken in Sweaters
Photo By Twitter/@alirezarostamz2

These chickens were rescued by two women in England who wanted to give retired battery chickens a new home. Because these chickens have spent most of their lives in cages, their bodies are not used to normal weather temperatures. To acclimatize them, the women knitted sweaters for the chickens to wear in cold weather.

These women have 60 chickens with over half of them rescued. They say it’s not hard to put the sweaters on the chickens. They just stand there and go on about their business.

This Squirrel Who Needed A Cast

Squirrel With Cast
Photo by: Facebook/ Citywildlife

It’s all fun and games until someone breaks a bone. This baby squirrel took a bad fall, 75 feet to be exact, from her tree nest straight onto the sidewalk. This is surprisingly common, especially with windy weather.

The squirrel was taken by veterinarians where they treated her for a bloody nose, a broken tooth, and a broken ankle. They made her a tiny cast to help her recover. Fear not, the squirrel was young enough to make a full recovery.

This Albino Puppy Who Has To Wear Protective Sunglasses

Albino Puppy with glasses
Photo by Instagram/ @sherlock_mac_schnauzer

This is Sherlock and he can’t seem to detect why he’s not friends with the sun. Sherlock is albino, which means his body can’t produce enough pigment for his hair, skin, and eyes. Those are the pigments that would protect him against the sun. Instead, his owner makes him wear sunglasses!

Sherlock was abandoned as a newborn puppy. While waiting for a new home, a woman took him in to host him, unintentionally fell in love with the schnauzer and adopted him.

This Stylish Dog Who Needs A Home

dog with bowtie sitting on the lap of young boy
Photo by Instagram/ @sirdariusbrown

This dog is sitting on the lap of a 12-year-old CEO who makes bowties for dogs to help them get adopted. The young man was helping his sister cut fabric when he discovered his creative skills.

He then decided he wanted to make a positive difference in the world. At 11, he founded “Beaux & Paws” as his bowtie-making business and donated them to shelters. He caught the attention of former president Barrack Obama who recognized him for his commitment to community service.

This Dog Who Is Very Sorry

Dog in shame cone
Photo by Instagram/ tyfosterphoto

This dog is wearing the cone of shame and clearly feels very guilty for whatever he’s done. He’s apologizing through his sad puppy dog eyes. Don’t you just wanna take him out of the picture and give him some love?

The photographer was purposely trying to convey the guilt and shame that dogs feel when wearing this kind of cone. In his experience, dogs knew right away they had done something wrong when this cone came on because they always looked miserable in it.

This Dog Who Stole The Spotlight

dog in sparkles on stage
Photo by Youtube/Anthony Rubio

Meet New York Fashion Week’s latest models, the furry animals you already know and love: dogs! A fashion designer wanted to bring attention and love to dogs to celebrate them as man’s best friend and treasured family member. He had them dressed up in sparkly extravagant outfits and walk the catwalk alongside his human models!

The designer wanted to show that dogs are animals who do not discriminate and offer unconditional love, so the least we could do is return that love to them.

This Koala Covering His Burnt Hands With Mittens

Koala with mittens on tree branch
Photo by Shutterstock/ Bishmix

In 2015, a big bushfire erupted in South Australia and Victoria and left many koalas with burnt paws. While treating the koalas, the International Fund for Animals came up with these mittens as a way to keep the paws protected and help them heal faster.

The organization even made a downloadable pattern online so that knitting enthusiasts, who wanted to donate to the cause, could easily download it and use it for measurements.

This Bird Living In A Knitted Nest

Birds in crochet nest
Photo by Facebook/ Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

Sometimes animals lose their homes before they have matured enough to be on their own. The little birds in the picture still need to be nested, but they have lost their mother.

The Carolina Waterfall Rescue is an organization that gives care to orphaned or injured birds and animals. They ask their community to help knit and crochet bird nests so they can hold the hatching birds and keep the newborns warm until their feathers come in. They even have knitting instructions on their website!

This Cat Lounging On Its Custom Blanket

Toby the cat lounging on knitted blanket
Photo by samaritanmag/ Kim Hughes

There’s nothing like the comfort of being wrapped in a warm blanket, right? Who is to say animals don’t feel the same way. That’s why an American organization created the Snuggles Project, which encourages people globally to donate homemade blankets for shelter animals who are still waiting for their forever home.

The blankets help calm the animals, makes their cages look more inviting, all while giving the crochet and knitting community members a good cause to work with.

This Animal Winning Halloween

 dog in Crocodile costume
Photo by imgur/ zP9CCjY

How many times do you think this dog looked behind him and freaked himself out? This has got to be so much worse for him than chasing his own tail. It’s like his tail suddenly got bigger and greener, grew an extra pair of legs and developed cotton teeth.

Still, this dog merits an award for his really creative Halloween costume. Who knows, maybe he’ll be making a new friend out of it.

A Little Hat Will Do

snake wearing a knitted hat
Photo Credit: Reddit / PaytheDevil

Snakes get a bad rap, but all it takes is a little bit of customization to make them stand out in the most adorable way. For everyone who is scared of snakes, just take a look at this little guy and tell me he doesn’t look absolutely dashing with this knitted little cap.

All this slithery snake needs is a matching sweater to make his ensemble complete. You don’t even need to knit arm holes for him!

This Blue Eyed Beauty Working The Camera

White dog with blue eyes
Photo by Instagram/ @trailsandbears

This is Oso. At the time the picture was taken he had freshly landed from warm Mexico into a very snowy Canada. Even though it was his first snow day, the dog came to love the snow. Wearing nothing but a smile and no knitted sweaters like the other animals here, the dog was being photographed for an adoption center.

The photographer volunteers to take the dogs somewhere scenic and photograph them in a way that’ll showcase their personality. This shows you that animals don’t always need to be dressed up to be cute and loveable! Just look at those eyes!