Animals Who Had Instant Regrets: You Won’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

Cats and dogs are curious creatures. When they see something interesting, they immediately engage. It can be cute when they get stuck in a fence or trapped between couch cushions, but if they get stung by a bee it be dangerous. We love our pets and often can’t help but laugh at their crazy antics. Check out some pets who either got too close to a bee or instantly regretted some of their actions…

A Bee For Dinner


The Siberian Husky dog originated in Siberia, and they are known for their beautiful thick coats of fur. Well, fur didn’t prevent this little guy from getting stung by a bee. It appears that he may have even tried to eat the bee. The telltale sign? Look at his giant cheeks! This pup obviously thought a bumble bee would be a nice little snack. Or maybe the flying insect was annoying him. Little did he know that the flying creature would fight back, particularly when attacked by a four-legged animal. Hopefully it didn’t take too long for the swelling to subside.