A Boston bombing survivor who lost her leg is marrying the fireman who saved her

Roseann Sdoia was watching the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, when disaster struck. Sdoia was among the many injured people who were standing near the finish line of the race when an explosion rocked the neighborhood.

After the bombing, Roseann and other bystanders were told to head to the streets for safety. She was not able to make her way because of a steel barricade in front of her.

Sdoia turned to run away from the area and ended up running into the path of the second explosion.

Firefighter Mike Materia was a first responder that day and quickly arrived to offer assistance to anyone in need. He was the first person to find Roseann and attended to her life-threatening injuries.

His heroic effort didn’t stop there, he would later ride in the ambulance with her and refused to leave her side after they arrived at the hospital. He has remained at her side ever since.

The hero firefighter not only stayed with Sdoia that day but remained at her side through a very tough recovery process.

Eventually, the couple started dating, go engaged, and are now planning to wed this fall.

While she lost her leg on that devastating day, she hasn’t looked back, recently completing the 40th annual Empire State Building Run-Up that has runners climbing the stairs inside the building,

The Recovery Process Wasn’t Easy

She lost her right leg just below the knee but continued to maintain a positive attitude, thanks in large part to the loving man who was only a stranger when he met her on that scary and confusing day.