She Brought Him On A Photo Shoot And The Results Left Him In Tears

Helena and Kyle Ferguson recently completed a photo shoot and what started as a story about their journey with IUI turned into something even more amazing.

Two years ago a doctor revealed that Helena was infertile. Not willing to accept that outcome, the couple set out on a long journey of disappointments, needle pricks, long drives to different states for Dr appointments, and IUI treatments.

The photo shoot began when Helena reached out to her sister-in-law, Katie Hamilton, a photographer at Qikpix, an on-demand photography service.

Helena had a surprise for Kyle and wanted to capture the moment with photos they would never forget.

Katie lives four hours away from the couple so Helena baked up a story for Kyle. She told her husband they were going to travel to visit Katie so she could capture their long journey with infertility.

Here’s the beautiful story told by Katie Hamilton:

We acted as if we were going to take regular photos of their journey together regarding the struggles of infertility.

I asked Kyle to write down three reasons why he thought Helena would make a good mother someday.

I then asked Helena to write three reasons why she thought Kyle would be a good father in the future.

The emotions started in high gear with immediate shock.

When her big reveal was unveiled he said, “Wait what?? Is this real’? He then turned to me and asked if I knew anything about this. (The brotherly love look).

Then came the tears.

And then the joy.

It was my honor to document this series of events. The emotions were raw and the memories will now last a lifetime when they look back on the photos we captured that day.

It was a special photo shoot for me because it’s one that will always last in their hearts and mine!

This photo shoot was special for me too. I’m a part owner at Qikpix and we built our company to capture the pure joy and love our customers feel on a daily basis.