Darth Vader helped a wife announce her pregnancy to a Star Wars-obsessed husband

Darth Vader Helps With Announcement

Darth Vader helped one wife announce her pregnancy to her husband. Taylor Starr found out she was pregnant while the couple was visiting Disney World and, knowing they would be visiting Hollywood Studios the next morning, she came up with a brilliant plan.

Taylor explained on her husband’s YouTube channel that she ‘”avoided making eye contact with my husband, and trying not to say a word so that I didn’t spill the beans” as she went to bed having no idea how I was going to pull this off.”

But soon she came up with a brilliant plan to use Darth Vader to surprise her husband with their pregnancy. She put the plan into action the next morning at Hollywood Studios.

Taylor wrote that sent her husband to save seats for the Indiana Jones show while she pretended to be sick. Instead of heading to the bathroom, the mom-to-be headed over to the Jedi Training Academy, where worker Chelsea and the Star Wars cast agreed to help her with the perfect surprise.

Once Indiana Jones was over, Taylor convinced her husband Bryan to stay for the performance at the Academy. Being a huge Star Wars fan, it didn’t take much convincing. Once the show was over, Bryan was approached by Chelsea, who asked him to wait to the side while she prepared a surprise for him.

While Bryan was incredibly excited to see Darth Vader and two storm troopers step out, he was even more excited when his wife entered the shot and presented him with a onesie. He immediately figured the surprise out and held back tears as he posed with his wife and Darth Vader.

While Bryan may have been excited to pose for a photo with the Star Wars cast, he was even more excited to learn he will soon be a father.