This doctor performed surgery on a stuffed animal and he’s touching hearts around the world

A doctor at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin has touched many hearts with a simple act of kindness.

“After performing surgery on a young boy, Dr. Groth made the extra effort to perform an additional surgery on the boy’s best friend — his stuffed animal,” the hospital shared on Facebook.

“Our doctors, nurses and staff go out of their way to make sure every child feels comfortable and safe. Whether it’s stitching up their favorite toy or dressing up as their favorite character, we know how to make children feel better.”

The hospital can be a scary place for adult and it’s often even worse for children and this doctor went out of his way to spread a little bit of extra cheer for a scared but recovering little boy.

Hopefully Monster, Inc.’s Mike Wachowski recovered quickly after his impromptu time on the operating table.