This dog stayed with a lost toddler in the forest for 11 days and it saved her life

4-year-old Karina wandered away from her parents and quickly became lost in the Taiga boreal forest, the world’s largest land biome.

The massive forest is home to 29% of the earth’s trees and that means finding a lost child can be nearly impossible to find if they wander too far away.

Karina could have easily died in the forest, however, her faithful dog Kyrachaan stayed with her for 11 days, keeping her safe and alive.

The little girl’s family rallied their entire town to search for her as night fell.

Over the next 11 days, Karina and Kyachaan wandered the woods in search of food and water. Karina was able to find a few berries and fresh water for the two of them to eat, but it was hardly enough to keep her strong and healthy.

Kyachaan refused to leave her side and even fended off bears and wolves that dominate the Taiga, he also kept Karina warm through the long nights.

After 11 days Kyachaan came trotting into town and led searchers back to Karina. They found the little girl in tall grass about 4 miles from the village.

Miraculously the young girl was not injured.

Karina and Kyachaan instantly became famous and there is now a statue commemorating the duo’s ordeal in the center of town.

You can check out more of their amazing story in the video below.