Feeling Down? These Wholesome Memes Are Exactly What You Need

Life can be hard sometimes and that’s okay. When we learn from our trials and tribulations it can make us better people. With that being said, there are times in our lives when we need a pick me up, something that reminds us that it can, and hopefully will, get better in the long run.

Memes have been known to provide plenty of laughs, thought-provoking responses, and in some cases, a whole lot of love.

If you’re having a horrible day or just need a little pick me up to jumpstart a better mood, these wholesome memes won’t disappoint.


There’s a solution for everything and sometimes we just have to be reminded to take care of ourselves and rely on others when we really need a helping hand. Great and simple advice for sure!

It’s the simple things in lifeBask in your own awesomeness. It is 100% okay to realize you did a great job and pat yourself on the back at the end of a long day. Also dogs are adorable and awesome.

Sometimes different is just as good.

Everything can’t always go our way and that’s awesome. Remember that sometimes you are thrown a curveball and if you embrace it you might find yourself enjoying something new and different.

You can’t go wrong with cats.

Cats are just awesome in general. This teacher though, shows that we can carry on a loving nature by inheriting an infectious love of something from other people. Way to go awesome teacher guy!

Even Shia LeBeouf can bring us happiness.

Sometimes we just need to sit back and relax. Sure Shia LeBeouf was smiling at himself on the big screen but at the end of the day isn’t it always about finding who or what makes you smile?

Compliment each other every single day.

The best friendships are the ones that offer support for both people involved in the mutual awesomeness that are BFFs. Whether it’s a relationship or just a buddy to hang out with, make sure you both celebrate how awesome you are together.

Dog’s also bring a ton of joy.

Okay so this isn’t just about a dog but look at that face! Remember, when you are struggling, down on your luck, or just sad, there are other people who also want to make their lives better. Embark on a journey of self discovery and improvement and you’ll be smiling like this dog in no time at all.

Remember to spread around the compliments like crazy.

Give compliments. It takes half a second out of your day and it could mean the world to someone who really needs to hear something positive. Compliment a loved one, friend, or even a complete stranger.

Moms. Enough said.

I wanted to write something witty here but at the end of the day mom’s are awesome and my own mom probably wouldn’t get my witty joke anyways.

A very wise genie. You should listen to them.

One of my favorite sayings is “do you” because it’s right on point. Love yourself, be yourself, celebrate yourself, every… single… day.

A little help from a friend.

Find someone who will pull you up when you are down, give you guidance when you’re lost, and support you when you feel like the world is about to topple you over.

Memes are such a simple vehicle for expressing an emotion and sometimes simple is best. I hope these memes get you through a tough day or simply give you the pick up you need to get your morning or afternoon started.