Firefighters Who Thought They Were Doing A Routine Animal Rescue End Up Getting A Huge Surprise

Firefighters risk their lives every day to ensure public safety. They respond to any number of dangerous situations at a moments’ notice, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. These brave men and women put themselves on the line as they battle blazes, and they save lives and property as they do so.

The reason people become firefighters is that it’s a deeply rewarding job. Many people who are loving and compassionate toward their fellow human beings pursue this dangerous yet fulfilling job. A firefighter’s work isn’t limited to saving human lives, however.

Read on to learn about a team of firefighters in Colorado who got a big surprise while on the job one day.

A Day About As ‘Normal’ As They Come


There’s nothing very “normal” about a firefighter’s day at work. There are always fires and accidents to deal with, but there are also countless other unusual situations that come up, making the job that much more unpredictable.

At the Colorado Springs Fire Department (CSFD) one March day, the team was waiting for their next emergency call. No one could have guessed what it would be, or what a big surprise they were in for!

An Experienced Team


The crew on duty at the CSFD on this particular day had years of service between them. They’d all been through a slew of life-changing events and emergencies and were always prepared to deal with whatever situation came up.

As far as they could tell, this shift didn’t seem any different than other days. And then their phone rang. A woman on the other end of the line told them that she needed help with something.

Some Animals Needed Help


As the woman spoke over the phone, the firefighters realized that their next task had been revealed to them. She said that there were some animals trapped somewhere nearby.

Not knowing much about the situation but being aware that time is of the essence in any emergency, the firefighters jumped into action and quickly loaded into their truck. They all felt hopeful that they could handle this case once they were able to better assess what was going on.

Remembering Protocol


As the firefighters rushed to the place where they were needed to help, they thought through their past experiences dealing with saving animals. Some of these cases were pretty cut-and-dry while others were a little more complex.

One problem that was pretty worrisome was that they didn’t even know what kind of animals they’d be trying to help. They had to be cautious, especially since animals can be unpredictable when they’re in danger.

Always Prepared


One of the most important elements of working as a firefighter is being prepared for anything. The CSFD crew had a feeling that they were going to be rescuing cats or dogs, since they were going to an address within city limits, but couldn’t completely rule out another kind of animal encounter.

Fortunately, they all had experience saving animals in a variety of different scenarios. They had this job covered. Or so they thought.

On-The-Scene Assessment


Once the team had arrived on the scene, they found out just what was going on. It turned out that some animals had gotten trapped inside a storm drain, so the firefighters rushed to the drain to see what could be done.

The weather was on their side, at least. If it had been storm season the situation would have been much more dangerous for them and for the animals that needed rescuing.

Watery Danger


Even with the weather’s cooperation, the animals were in a pretty bad spot. This storm drain was not just deep, it was also dark and difficult to see into. On top of that, the water was pretty cold.

The drain’s opening was pretty small, so the firefighters knew the animals inside were tiny enough to have fit in there. That meant they must be young, maybe even babies. These precious little animals needed help as soon as possible.

Taking A Peek Inside


The firefighters decided that the best way to get the trapped animals out of the storm drain and into safety was to open the grate covering the drain. They promptly did this, but nothing happened. No eager little faces appeared.

But soon enough, the team heard tiny animal cries and realized they had been right –the animals were indeed little babies! They worked even faster to reach the poor creatures.

Dealing With Darkness


Due to the fact that it was so dark inside that deep storm drain, the firefighters weren’t able to get a good look at the animals they were working so desperately to save. They also weren’t sure how the babies had gotten in there, since dogs and cats usually don’t go to such small and wet places to give birth.

Regardless of what kind of animals these were or how they had gotten into the drain, the firefighters #1 mission was to get them out safely.

They Searched For The Mother


As one team of firefighters was working on plans for the best way to rescue the babies, another group searched the area in hopes of finding the mother. Not only did they want to locate her safe and sound, but seeing her would allow them to recognize just what kind of babies they were dealing with.

They scoured the scene but were unable to find her, leading them to conclude that the babies had been abandoned.

It Was Even More Important To Get Those Babies Out


Although rescue workers have to see and deal with traumatic things on a daily basis, they still have feelings just like any other human. And to know that these newborn animals had been abandoned by their mother made them sad.

This knowledge made them even more sympathetic to the babies’ desperate need to be rescued. Some of the firefighters prayed that they wouldn’t be too late to save the tiny animals. These little guys deserved a shot at life!

More Problems To Think About


After the firefighters decided that the babies must have been abandoned, they started to think about the mother. What if she hadn’t left them for good, and instead was just out looking for food to feed them?

If this turned out to be the case, and they had taken the babies somewhere safe, she would never be able to find them on her own. This was a difficult decision for the team to make. And with the water in the drain being freezing cold, time was running out.

What was the best thing to do?

Wild Or Domestic?


In order to give the babies the best possible treatment and care, the firefighters really needed to know what kind of animals they were. If the newborns were a domestic species like a dog or a cat, they’d need to get a lot of immediate assistance.

But in the case of wild animals, it’s sometimes better to leave them where they are so they learn to survive on their own. It was finally time to get into that drain and pull the babies out so they could figure out what to do next.

Of Course They Were Adorable


One of the firefighters reached the storm drain and prepared to lift the babies out one by one. As he gently carried the first one to the surface, the rest of the team craned their necks to get a good look at it.

The look on everyone’s faces said it all. This was an adorably cute baby, and the rescue team fell in love with it. The rest were pulled out then, all with floppy ears, jet black fur, and skinny tails.

The firefighters finally knew what kind of animal they were dealing with.

The Puppies Get Their First Look At The Outside World


Of course, these precious little animals were puppies! The team had plenty of experience rescuing dogs, but had never found them in a storm drain before – this was a first. It was a mystery how the pups had ended up there, since this wasn’t somewhere a mother dog would normally have her young.

The firefighters then came to the awful conclusion that a pet owner was probably to blame, abandoning a litter of unwanted puppies in the storm sewer. It was a terrible thought, but the team was at least glad to have rescued the helpless dogs.

Coming up: the firefighters get some surprising news about the babies.

Proper Puppy Care


Once again, the firefighters were left feeling sad about the reason these puppies had ended up in their predicament. And once again, they were more determined than ever to get the babies the care they needed.

Although they hoped they were wrong about their assumption that a person had dumped the pups, the team went about making sure all their tiny rescuees were safe and healthy. First things first, they had to get the doggoes warmed up.

They were going to learn how the puppies had ended up in the drain very soon.

Warmed-Up Pups


There were a total of eight puppies, all black. In fact, their dark coloring made their rescuer feel a little nervous that he’d leave one behind in the poorly-lit storm drain. But all were accounted for. Now came the important task of getting them all warm!

Fortunately, the newborn pups had the natural sense to pile up together. This let them share each other’s body heat and warm up quickly.

The Truth Behind The Puppies’ Location


The team really wanted to know the truth about how the puppies had ended up in the storm drain, so they found the person who had initially called the problem in. She reassured them that the puppies had not been dumped by a pet owner.

The caller went on to say that she’d watched the pups being swept up into a stream that was flooding into the grate during a rainstorm. The firefighters were relieved that this had all been an accident, not the result of human cruelty. They thanked the woman for calling in about the dogs.

What Breed Were They?


It can be hard to determine what breed a dog is, especially a tiny newborn puppy that’s been stuck in a cold and wet drain. But as they assessed the pups’ physical conditions, the firefighters tried to guess what breed they might be.

The consensus was that they were probably Labradors, since the dogs all had glossy black coats and long slender tails. Next up was a visit to the vet to get thorough checkups.

The Puppies Had Been Through A Lot


The poor little pups had been through quite an ordeal after being swept into the storm drain. Their fur was filthy. At their age, they were so vulnerable to the cold conditions they’d just been rescued from.

The firefighters brought the puppies to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region. There, they were given a thorough examination by one of the group’s veterinarians. One of the firefighters, Mark Jenkins, left his phone number with the vet so he could get updates on the dogs’ condition.

He wasn’t expecting the news that came next!

The Vet Called With An Unexpected Announcement


Mark Jenkins’ phone rang shortly after the firefighters had dropped the pups off at the Humane Society. He initially worried that the doctor would have bad news about the pups, but was reassured that they were healthy.

As his colleagues watched, Mark listened while the vet continued to talk. At one point, he burst out laughing and the other firefighters could not figure out what was going on. After Mark hung up with the vet, he told his teammates what he had just learned.

What was this unbelievable update about?

Shocking News About The Puppies


The firefighters were fully convinced that they had rescued a litter of Labrador retriever puppies. But the veterinarian had discovered something very different about the babies that no one could have predicted.

They weren’t dogs at all. They were actually baby red foxes! The vet explained that fox kits resemble puppies when they’re newborns like the ones that the firefighters had rescued. So he wasn’t surprised they had been mistaken.

The vet also had a favor to ask of the firefighters.

What Next?


The vet was worried about the kits’ mother and he wondered whether she was OK. Since the firefighters were familiar with the area where the babies had been found, the vet asked if they’d go back to the scene and try to find her.

A mother’s caring love would be the best thing for the newborn foxes, so the firefighters were more than happy to go back and look for her. After all, she might be frantically searching for her babies!

Would they find her?

Back On The Scene


The firefighters transported the kits to the scene where they’d recently had their dramatic rescue. Although they didn’t want to, they placed the babies back into the drain and then watched from a distance to see if the mother would return for them.

The team knew that she would probably be more likely to return at night, when foxes tend to be more active, so they waited patiently for the sun to set. They were praying she’d make an appearance then, before the kits got too cold.

Would they get to see the fox family reunite?

Many Days Passed


Unfortunately, the kits’ mother did not make an appearance that first night or for many nights after. The firefighters remained patient but couldn’t help as days passed with no site of mama fox.

They began to suspect that something tragic had happened to her since most animal mothers would be eager to return to their young. The team decided that the next best thing to do was to find someone who could raise the kits without their mother.

Another Move For The Kits


The vulnerable young foxes had already been through so much, but now they needed to be moved once again. The firefighters removed them from the storm drain and took them to the experts at the Animal Clinic of Woodland Park, which is known for rehabilitating all sorts of animals.

Knowing that this was the best possible place for the kits to be raised, the firefighters were comfortable leaving them at the clinic. They were happy to think of the kits growing up into adult foxes under the expert care and training of the clinic’s knowledgeable staff.

The Aftermath


This story of firefighters thinking they had rescued a little of puppies, but finding out instead that they were fox kits, is pretty humorous but is also a good lesson.

The firefighters felt very fortunate that they were able to get this amazing experience with wild animals. They really hoped that their unusual story would teach the public more about wild animals and the many misconceptions surrounding them.

Not Such An Unusual Situation After All


Wildlife experts explain that it’s not that unusual to find foxes or their kits in areas that are heavily populated by humans, even in larger cities. Female foxes typically have their litters toward the end of winter and they raise the young in dens.

We’re still not sure where these kits were before they were washed into the storm drain. But in a city where things are unnatural and unfamiliar, places such as storm drains could very well seem like a protected haven for a fox to give birth and raise babies.

Lots Of Help And Hope


Although these poor kits lost their mother somehow, whether she abandoned them or met a tragic end, they still have a great chance of survival. After all, they’ve had the help of the Colorado Springs Fire Department, the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, and the Animal Clinic of Woodland Park.

The odds are in their favor, and everyone who knows this story is rooting for the foxes to do well!

Protecting Our Wildlife

Ali Kemal Atik/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

The story of the fox kits is a great example of the consequences of urban sprawl. Wild animals run out of space and end up in spots they normally wouldn’t venture to.

As humans, we need to be aware of this and to know how to best protect the wildlife that ends up in our own backyard. If you spot an animal in need of help, please call the proper authorities. We all have a social responsibility to assist everyone who is in trouble, whether they’re human or animal.