Guy Photoshops Himself Into Girlfriends Childhood Photos, Ummm….

Wedding photographer Wan wanted to give his girlfriend a special surprise after four years of dating. Using his expertise behind the camera he chose to photoshop himself into her childhood photos.

On the micro-blogging website Weibo he writes,  “I am sorry I don’t have a surprise for you, because I believe staying with you in the past four years is the biggest surprise.”

The romantic gesture has been called “creepy” by some viral posting websites, and we have to agree, although it was still a sweet thought.

Wan’s Photos Have Been Called Creepy For Good Reason

Awesome Girlfriend Past Photoshop by Boyfriend

Why Is Wan Hiding On The Younger Version Of His Girlfriend

Awesome Photo Shopping

A Kiss For His Girlfriend’s Younger Self

Clever Photo Shopping

We Only Read English But She Looks Out Of It

Creepy Photoshopping of Guy into Girlfriends Childhood

One of the less creepy photoshop jobs

girlfriends childhood photos

A Cute Photo, Minus The Yellow Hair

Guy Photoshops himself into girlfriends childhood photos

We perhaps don’t understand his cultural norms

Photo Shopping

We are at a loss of words

Photoshop Boyfriend and Girlfriends Childhood

The Photoshop work is excellent even if its creepy

Wan and Girlfriends Childhood Photos

A Clever Homage to The Photoshop Job He Just Finished

Wan photoshops himself into girlfriends childhood photos

We are chalking up the “creepiness” of this photoshop campaign to a cultural difference. Perhaps it is really just a sweet gesture on the opposite side of the pond.