You’ve never seen a dog more happy to be rescued

This photo of a young pit bull snuggling with his new mom after being adoption is going viral.

His mom was working on homework at the time of the photo and it’s touching the hearts of animal lovers all over the world.

Dog Rescue - Love

“And THIS right here people is why you should adopt!!!” Jamie Holt wrote on Facebook.

“My niece and her newly adopted ACCT Philly dog of less than 2 weeks. Talk about being grateful. There are just no words to truly describe the sweetness in this photo.”

Kayla Filoon, a student at Temple University, adopted Russ when they immediately connected at the ACCT Philly animal shelter. Filoon volunteers at the shelter and is often seen walking the shelters lonely dogs.

“He would not stop cuddling with me,” Filoon said. “I fell in love.”

There are millions of dogs who need a forever home so remember that the next time you want to bring home a very grateful new pet.