‘Hot Dudes Reading’ On The Subway Is The Internet’s Newest Obession

Forget Kindles and iPads and other mobile electronics, the newest trend in absorbing books and other forms of literature is called “Hot Dudes Reading” and as the name suggests, it involved hot guys reading books, newspapers and other forms of paper goodness. The hashtag #HotDudesReading is gaining a lot of traction thanks to the Instagram account Hot Dudes Reading.

There are plenty of pictures of guys waiting for the subway train.

Subway Train hot dudes reading

Magazines are popular among hot dudes riding on trains.

These Hot Dudes read on a subway train

They are all absorbed in their chosen literature.

hot dudes reading internet trend

Some of the guys are into some really heavy reads.

Hot dudes reading trend online

Others drown out the noises of the Subway with earbuds.

Internet trend hot dudes reading

Casually posing while he reads?

Hot dudes reading on the train

All of the men are involved in candid photos.

Hot guys reading books

Not that kind of girl?

Hot dudes reading books on the subway

Styling it up with his book.

hot dudes reading on the subway

Another hot dude reading on the subway.

Hot dudes reading

These hot dudes reading on trains are gaining plenty of exposure thanks to Twitter, Instagram and some very enthusiastic followers.