This guy trolls people who have photoshop requests and it’s brilliant

James Fridman is a genius when it comes to photoshopping. He can take any photo you throw his way and eliminate blemishes, remove unwanted people from photos, and so much more.

When he’s not using his skills for legitimate digital editing jobs, he trolls the internet.

Fridman is a master of taking a person’s words very literally and putting his own spin on what they are requesting.

The master of snark has racked up more than 873k followers on Twitter and a quick examination of his work explains why.

You can send him requests to @fjamie013. Your photos will be made public but after you see what he does, you’ll want to be a part of his snark.

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Can you please make it so the girl on the left isn’t staring at my husband and I? Thanks!

Sir, can u make me doing something dangerous? I’m the man with glasses in the middle, thanks.

Hey James, I really like Harry Potter. Can you photoshop me like I’m a Harry Potter character. Love, Oyku.

Can you make me look prettier? (Flawless skin, bluer eyes, etc).

Hey James, my girlfriend forget to wear shoes in our photo. Can you help?

Hi James, could you make it look like me and my girlfriend are holding hands to make this pic look a little less awkward, thanks.