Kids That Prove They’re Just Drunk Little Aliens And I’ll Have Whatever They’re Having

Kids are hands down the most unpredictable community of humans you’ll ever come across. They seem so pure and innocent one second and then in the blink of an eye, they’re drawing on your brand new white shoes in permanent marker “just ’cause”.

Kids are smarter, more observant and more clever than we ever give them enough credit for. They’re like little aliens that are allowed to walk around and sabotage adults with little to no repercussions. Soon they’ll take over the world it’s not going to be pretty.

The Good Kind Of Multi-Tasking

Photo Credit: Twitter

Often times, the idea of having to multi-task is daunting. Usually it means that you have too many things to do with not enough time to do it.

In this case, I’ll multi-task all day long if it means sitting in a bathtub while eating some wings. This kid is a genius.

“Only Pack The Essentials”

I don’t understand why more people don’t have purses that are just strictly for hoarding snacks in.

Why go to the mall and eat in the food court when you can throw some Cheetos in your bag and be snacking the entire time you’re shopping? It’s just basic science.

This Dish Is Called The ‘Choking Hazard’

This should be a huge red flag for this dad because, by the looks of it, his kid wants him to be dead.

There’s only ONE reason that his son would willingly give up his Lego blocks and shark this easily, and that’s to make sure the breakfast doesn’t go down smooth. Coming up, a kid that’s on the road to proving that repetition is the key to good behavior.

“How Much Have You Had To Drink Today?”

Just because this little guy is only four years old doesn’t mean that he’s above the law. Thankfully this police officer had the courage to pull him over.

After three glasses of orange juice and a full Capri-sun, he had WAY too much sugar in his system to drive safely.

Uh? Duh

Photo Credit; Reddit / irishchck14

Sometimes it takes a little kid and his simplistic thinking in order to really make sense of the complicated questions of life.

This answer tells us everything we need to know about this kid and his sass. He’s the one who says “thanks Captain Obvious” after every assertion his classmates make.

Say It Until It Sticks

I’m not a doctor, but there has to be some science behind the power of repetition. This exercise should be mandatory for every kid.

We wouldn’t have these little hooligans running around our streets making bad decisions if they were forced to write this novel based on the opposite. If you don’t think kids are creative or innovative, you haven’t seen this one just ahead.

Future Lawyer?

Photo Credit: Tumblr

We all know (or were) those kids who will find any loophole they can to finish the task that they have set in their mind.

In a way, we should be encouraging our kids to do this, because it’s great practice for the real world. The key to success as an adult is figuring out all of life’s loopholes and exposing them.

The Kid Isn’t Wrong

Photo Credit: Reddit

This is a great way to go about a math test that you didn’t study for. Again, find the loopholes and expose them.

This kid isn’t putting in the wrong answer, it’s just not the answer that the teacher is looking for. This is easily arguable in your after class discussion with your teacher. It’s a winnable argument.

This Is The Kind Of Innovation We Need More Of

Photo Credit: Reddit / awwyeahgetit

One aspect of a child that’s always severely overlooked is their creativity and innovation.

They come up with ideas adults could only dream of. For example, this kid has manually welded plastic straws together solely for the purpose of not having to hold his drink when he’s sitting down. Coming up, see how one little girl handled herself after she was refused dessert by her parents.

Dress As Your Hero

Photo Credit: Imgur

We need to be able to appreciate this kid’s realism. While most kids dress up as princesses or superheroes that they’ll never truly be able to meet — this kid dressed up as a fart.

A fart is much more realistic and it’s easily accessible. Being a fart, or a hot dog vendor are two of the most underrated costumes that kids can wear.

Auditioning For A Vogue Cover?

Photo Credit: Reddit / RezonatokG

This kid realizes that he may only have minimal attempts to attract a modeling agency and he’s making the most out of every picture.

Every moment can be a glamorous one. You just have to make it that way. He looks like the definition of Vogue to me, so it shouldn’t be too long until we see him on a cover very soon.

When Your Parents Won’t Let You Have Dessert

Photo Credit: Imgur

I feel like there are other steps that can be taken before putting your head into a cannon after your parents won’t let you have dessert, but to each their own.

When you’re young, the world is a very small place. Not getting dessert seems like the end of the world, so I guess for this girl the cannon just speeds up that process. A disturbing picture of what can happen if you leave a kid by themselves for more than two minutes is coming up. Prepare yourself.

That’s Better Than A Gold Medal

If you’re a mom and your kid says that you deserve a microwaved hot dog, you should be very proud of yourself.

To a little kid, that’s the best gift that can be given. In terms of importance, it goes warm hot dog, gold, silver, bronze and then whatever comes after that.

That’s One Way To Voice Your Displeasure

Photo Credit: Imgur

Some people just don’t like getting their picture taken. While some will express their displeasure by verbally saying so, others will just vomit on you.

After taking a quick glance at this picture, it’s pretty easy to see which one of the two this little guy is. Good for him for taking the initiative and just letting loose.

Leave Them Alone For Two Minutes And…

Photo Credit: Facebook

One of the big problems with kids is that they haven’t fully developed a conscience to understand that their bad decisions have consequences.

When you let them out of your site for more than two minutes, they’re capable of doing more destruction than a category five hurricane. If you don’t believe me, just observe this picture. Just ahead, a picture of a kid that’s so scary you’ll probably never sleep again.

Turning Into Smurfs

Photo Credit: Facebook

This kid wants to be a Smurf so badly that he figured if he colored his skin blue that his dream may become a reality.

I guess I just feel like there are better things to turn into than a Smurf. They’re small and fragile. This kid should want to turn into a cockroach. Those things never die.

Your Cuteness Overload For The Day

Photo Credit: Reddit / @tfoust10

So this kid kept asking his parents if they needed to go to the bathroom all day and they didn’t understand why.

They opened the lid and they saw this. The kid’s plan was simple. Scare his parents with this picture so badly that they potentially have a heart attack. He had just taken a life insurance policy out of both of them for over a million dollars. This kid is going somewhere.

Never Sleeping Again

Photo Credit: Reddit / amhaggerty

If I’m walking down the street and see this little kid coming toward me, I’m booking the first red-eye flight to Mars.

This is what nightmares are made of. Even Chuckie would look at this picture and need to be cuddled through the night.

Ah, The Honesty Is Refreshing

Sometimes the brutal truth really hurts. A kid’s honesty is refreshing in a society when everyone is fake nice to your face and then bashes you behind your back.

Get you someone who is going to stab you in the front and not the back. There’s nothing false about what the kid is saying either. It’s the unfortunate reality of being a human.

Thinking Caps On

Photo Credit: Reddit / din17

This answer is clear and concise, which is exactly how every answer should be. There’s no point of proving how you figured something out in more than three words.

It saves everyone time and effort. The best part of this picture is that you can tell this kid wrote ‘thinking’ and then erased it first and finally just said, ‘screw it’ and wrote it again.