This Little Boy Braved The Cold To Raise Money For Children With Cancer

Six-year-old Matthew McDonnell is a little boy with a very big heart.

Matthew has been fighting his own battle with pediatric cancer but that hasn’t stopped him from braving the cold weather of the winter months to help other children in need.

The little man has been serving hot cocoa on cold days while donating all of the money he has raised to help fight cancer in children.

Last December, the kind-hearted kid hosted a two-hour community event in his hometown of South Abington Township near Scranton, Pennsylvania. He donated all of the money to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a non-profit that supports pediatric cancer research.

Matthew’s Miraculous Hot Cocoa wasn’t just a cute idea, it managed to raise $6,500!

“I care more about the other kids more than me,” Matthew explained.

“Matthew occasionally gets discouraged,” his mother admitted. “He truly takes everything in stride. He completely trusts that God will heal him at just the right time!”

The little boy has plans to become a doctor when he’s older. “I’m gonna heal people and I’m gonna pray for them every day and I’m gonna heal them with my love.”

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We expect to see great things from this young man in the years to come, he has already built the type of character for himself that any parent would be proud to witness in their children.

In the meantime, organizations like Alex’s Lemonade Stand and St. Jude’s offer us the opportunity to help children in need today. If you have the means, please consider donating to one of those amazing organizations or your local cancer research foundation.