A Man’s Experiment Proves Cats Are Drawn To Circles

It seems totally bizarre (and it is) but for some reason, when a cat sees a circle drawn on the floor, it is compelled to sit in it. It doesn’t matter what the circle is made out of– string, an electric cord, tape– they all work the same.

One cat owner decided to try an experiment to find out why his cat wanted nothing more than to sit in a circle he drew on the floor.

We threw in some cat facts for good measure!

It Started With a Cord Circle


So how did this theory of cats and circles begin? One day, a loose cord was lying on the floor and formed a circle. It hadn’t always been there, and the cat of the house took notice. It was also perfectly placed next to the cat’s favorite window.

Cat fact: Studies have shown that cats will either move their heads or their ears when they hear a voice, regardless of whether it came from their owner or not.

The Cat Came Right Over


Like most cats, this one likes to look out the window into the backyard and watch the other animals that come by. When the cat saw the circle, it was the perfect place to sit. The cat’s owner couldn’t help but notice.

Cat fact: Cats rub up against their humans to mark them with their scent. That way, when there are other animals around, they all know that you belong to your cat and no one else!

Would it Work Again?


This got the cat’s owner wondering if he created another circle on the floor, would it have the same effect as the circle that the cord formed? Was it just a random occurrence, or was there something to this? He took some tape, cut it into pieces and formed a circle on the living room floor with it.

Cat fact: Studies have also found that cats’ short-term memory doesn’t work as well as their long-term memory.

Here Comes The Cat!


The owner finished the circle of tape and in no time at all, their cat took notice. Yep. The cat came right over to see what their owner had created. The circle is about the same size as the cat, and it stepped right in the middle to see what this circle was all about.

Cat fact: There are over 74 million cats in the U.S., while the number of dogs tops off at just shy of 70 million.

I’ll Sit In This Circle


The cat’s expression probably matches that of its owner. The cat looks amazed and bewildered that another circle appeared on the floor, and that it fit in it there perfectly. Where was this circle yesterday? It wasn’t here. Guess I better head over and sit in the middle of it. Its owner didn’t have to wait too long for it to happen!

Cat fact: They are still hardwired to hunt at night like their big cat cousins. Cats will spend about 70% of their lives sleeping.

Let’s Try Two


The cat’s owner was fascinated as their experiment was showing some results. So, he decided to change it up and create another circle on the floor, close by the other one. Would his cat go for another circle? Would it stick to the original? Or do nothing at all? It was time to launch phase two.

Cat fact: Because cats realize that their humans are their caretakers, they’ve learned to meow at them to get their attention.

Add Another Circle Into The Equation


He created another circle on the floor next to the first one, and the cat came back over. First, it walked through the original circle. Then it noticed the second one and had to see what this one was all about. It’s a bit smaller than the first circle.

Cat fact: Cats can develop lactose intolerance. If you’ve ever tried to offer a cat milk and they weren’t having it, this is probably the reason.

Smaller Circle Wins


Now that there were two circles on the floor, which one would the cat choose? As it turned out, it wanted to sit in the new, smaller circle. So, do you have any theories as to why this circle trick works with cats?

Cat fact: On average, cats can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour! For reference, that’s just a hair above Olympian Usain Bolt’s average speed, which is around 27 miles per hour.

The Internet Got On Board


Once he shared the circle trick he witnessed with his cat, other cat owners had to give it a try. This person created a circle of tape in their home and ALL of their cats took notice.

Cat fact: One of the wealthiest cats in the world is a cat named Tommaso who lived in Italy with his owner Maria Assunta. When Assunta passed away at 94 years old in 2011, she left the entirety of her $13 million estate to Tommaso.

He’s a Natural


How cute is this ginger cat? He saw the bathrobe sash formed into a circle on the floor and knew that he had to make his move. Just look how happy he is in his circle.

Cat fact: A study by the University of Messina’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine found that captivity can profoundly affect certain animals, felines included. While genetics do play a part in behavior and personality, a cat’s environment is a major factor too.

A Theory


One of the most popular theories why cats seem drawn to circles involves them feeling safe and secure inside the shape. Anything that provides a feeling of security is definitely going to be a big draw!

Cat fact: Cats in ancient Egypt were regarded on the same level as deities. Ancient Egyptians believed cats were sacred creatures, which is why harming a feline in any way was punishable by death.

All Breeds Are On Board


Is it a particular type of cat that likes the circle? It appears that the answer to that question is nope! All of these cats of different breeds have taken an interest in the circle.

Cat fact: Why does your cat follow you into the bathroom?“Cats probably know that when we are on the toilet, we are a captive audience — nowadays we are so busy and distracted that many cats are probably looking for an opportunity to have our undivided attention!”

Cups Work, Too


This cat owner thought that a circle made of plastic cups would be an easier clean-up with the same experiment. And what do you know? It worked once again. Cats just can’t stay away from circles of any kind.

Cat fact: Since 1998, the small town of Talkeetna, Alaska has had a cat for its mayor. Stubbs the cat won the mayoral election for Talkeetna as part of a successful write-in campaign. Mayor Stubbs has remained in office until his passing in 2017.

Squares Can Work, Too


Ok, we’ve proven that the circle trick works with cats. But what about other shapes? One cat owner decided to try out the trick but with a square instead of a circle. It seems to work just the same, although this cat doesn’t look as calm in its square as the others did in their circles.

Cat fact: Cats aren’t fond of sweets because they actually can’t taste them. Cats are one of the few mammals in the world that lack the taste receptors for sweetness.

Not Sure Why He’s Here


This cat looks a bit frazzled. You see he might be having a hard time, set off by a bad fur day when he woke up. There’s a circle made of tape here that he decided to sit on the edge of. Most likely because he would not fit within the rubberband circle next to it. Hang in there, buddy.

Cat fact: With their strong vocal cords, cats have the ability to make up to 100 different sounds!

Ferrets Like Circles, Too


This person doesn’t own a cat, so they decided to call out their ferret and see if it works with them, too. Well, here you have it folks. Create a circle of tape on the floor and your ferret will come running. This means the circle phenomenon is not just limited to cats. Just when you think it couldn’t get any more weird… it does.

Ferret fact: A group of ferrets is called a business.

Stop By For Some Circle Time


This cute kitten looks a little bit confused. She’s not sure what time it is, or how she got here. But she saw a yellow circle on the floor and just knew that it was the place to be. We wonder how long people are leaving these circles on their floor before their pets notice.

Cat fact: In ancient times, human farming communities attracted all sorts of delicious pests and rodents. Cats took notice and haven’t left humans’ sides ever since.

The Perfect Size Circle


We all know the cat motto, “If it fits, I sits.” Cats and boxes go hand-in-hand for this reason. But here we have a cat that’s found a circle that perfectly fits her. She looks totally content, curled up in the belt circle and we’re sure she’s never leaving.

Cat fact: While humans have sweat glands almost everywhere on the body, cats only have them in their paws. Cats lick their paws, then saliva evaporates off their fur, cooling them down.

Amy Doesn’t Care


One cat owner posted this image of her cat on Instagram. Clearly, there’s plenty of nice grass around her, but yet she chooses to sit on the patch of dead grass. Which happens to be a circle! She captioned it: “Hey there, it’s Amy! I like to sit in the yellow circle, but I really don’t know why.”

Cat fact: Some people say that guys who own cats have more luck in the love department than those who don’t!

Unenthused About It


Instagram user @personalpimm decided to take a shot and see if her cat Viggo would go for it if she created a circle on the ground. Well, as well know, it worked like a charm. She posted this photo with: “Viggo did the thing!” He doesn’t look too pleased, though.

Cat fact: Many people credit physicist Sir Isaac Newton for having invented cat doors. Whether or not it’s an urban legend, it apparently takes a genius to think that cats need their own tiny doors to walk through.

Cats obviously have a lot of strange behaviors. Just as much as they love sitting in shapes, they love to hang out in sinks too, as you’re about to witness next.

He Must’ve Slipped


It’s hard enough to imagine how uncomfortable it has to be to hang out in the sink, but seeing this cat in a pretzel-like pose has us wondering why this is a draw for them in the first place. With so much more space to spread out, wouldn’t this little one prefer to stretch out?

Cat fact: Cats can spend up to half of their day grooming themselves. Not only does it cool them down and promote blood flow, but the incessant grooming also helps a cat tone down their scent to avoid predators.

Double Trouble


If you have more than one cat, a double sink in your kitchen and bathrooms is an absolute necessity. Not all cats share, and it’s just polite to give them each their own space to cuddle up.

Cat fact: When two cats are grooming each other, it’s not meant to be gross. Grooming is seen as a sign of affection among cats, who help distribute their natural oils around each other’s coats, helping them stay warm and dry.

Helping With The Dishes


Cats are known for making messes, not for cleaning them up… and they’re really known for avoiding the hell out of water. Not this one, though. Not even a soapy sink full of water could keep him from diving into his favorite place to lounge. Maybe he or she is trying to help?

Cat fact: If you see a cat grooming itself, it may also be literally licking its wounds. Cat saliva is thought to contain enzymes that can serve as a natural antibiotic.

This One Has Something Serious To Tell You


Cats and their many expressions are always hilarious, but this one means you’re in trouble. Doesn’t this sink pose make it look like this cat needs to have a word with his owner immediately? Maybe she missed curfew. Maybe she forgot to fill his bowl with fresh food. Either way, it’s not good.

Cat fact: One way this cat could try to communicate is through purring. They don’t always purr when they’re happy. They could also be stressed, hurt, or sick.

This Cat Fits Perfectly


First things first: This cat is beautiful. But now, we have to focus on the fact that there’s never been a better match in the history of cats and sinks. White cat, white bathroom counter, and she seems to be the exact size of the sink, all curled up into a ball. What a precious cat!

Cat fact: Perhaps this cat is dealing with the effects of some good catnip. Catnip contains several chemical compounds that trigger odd behavior when a cat detects it with the receptors in its nose and mouth.

These Adorable Cuddle Buddies


Some cats hate to share, but others can’t get enough of their kitty siblings, like these two. Even though this sink would be on the smaller size for one cat, these two made it work all in the name of quality cuddle time. How can you be mad at cats that sleep that sweetly?

Cat fact: Not all cats respond to catnip. In fact, catnip sensitivity is hereditary. So if a feline’s parents didn’t care for the stuff, neither will they.

This Cat Is Kind Of Insulted


For a cat who has commandeered his owner’s sink, he sure has a sassy look on his face. Although most cats love to get into the circular position, this guy decided to sit up… and is, for some reason, feeling really irritated about it. Maybe he should find a sink better suited to his needs.

Cat fact: Composer David Teie worked with animal scientists to develop an album called Music for Cats, that is based on their vocal communication and environmental sounds.

The Most Inquisitive Cat


This cat isn’t mad at you, exactly… he just looks like he called you into his bathroom office to discuss your job performance. Maybe he’s giving you a promotion? Either way, something is definitely up, judging by the expression on his face. And the way he’s leaning his arm on the edge of the sink is too cute.

Cat fact: Abraham Lincoln was apparently a huge cat man. When his wife Mary Todd Lincoln was asked what her husband’s hobbies were, she simply replied, “Cats!”

And This One, Too


Okay, this little orange guy has to be related to the other cat in some way. They’re both orange, they’re both laying in the sink in similar positions, and they both look like they have something serious to talk about. This doesn’t seem like the most comfortable position, but cats basically have no bones so it’s fine.

Cat fact: More famous historical figures that absolutely adored cats include Florence Nightingale, the Brontë sisters, Pope Paul II, and Mark Twain.

This Sad Kitty At The Vet


Sinks are a definite source of comfort for most cats, so it’s no surprise that this one immediately retreated to the sink at his vet’s office. The expression on his face is honestly the cutest, even though he’s clearly scared out of his mind. Hopefully, everything went okay at that appointment!

Cat fact: A Siamese cat named Katy who lived in Russia was given hormones to stop mating, but unfortunately, they caused her to have an insatiable appetite. Katy eventually weighed 50 pounds!

These Two Politely Sharing


Neither of these cats looks particularly thrilled with the situation at hand, but at least they’re sharing… and politely giving each other their own personal space, something that most cats aren’t always great at. Again, this is why you have to have a double sided sink in your kitchen! Give the cats what they want!

Cat fact: A British cat named Blackie is in the Guinness World Records for being the world’s wealthiest cat. Blackie inherited his owner’s $13 million estate when the latter died.

This Beautiful Grey Face

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This cat is super gorgeous, and not even a tiny sink will stop him from making himself comfortable! This is a really adorable pose, although his face makes it seem like he has something to say. Maybe he’s requesting something larger to spend his days in? Just a hint to his owner, that’s all.

Cat fact: Cat lovers can refer to themselves as something other than mere cat lovers. The fancy word to describe them is “ailurophile.”

Every Cat Lover’s Dream


This, friends is what they call a cat pile… and it’s actually a dream for most people who adore cats. Look at all of those adorable furry friends sharing one sink together? We kind of feel bad for the one who didn’t fit and got left out, but honestly, fitting that many cats in one sink is a major achievement to begin with.

Cat fact: When one proud mommy cat has a huge litter, they’re collectively called a kindle. When they grow into adulthood, they’re called a clowder.

This Casual Lounger


If you’re looking for a way to make your cat’s favorite lounging spot even more comfortable, here it is. This kitty looks like he’s relaxed to the max with this blanket placed in the sink so he can stretch out in true comfort. If only there was a giant sink for humans so we could all experience this kind of happiness.

Cat fact: Just like humans can be allergic to cats, some cats can be allergic to humans. One in 200 cats will develop asthma as a result of cigarette smoke, human dandruff, and the standard dust and pollen.

This Oversized Friend


Even cats who can’t exactly fit in their own sink will still make it work somehow. How adorable is this kitty, all squished in but still enjoying a nap? She may not be able to fit in a circle, but this position still looks pretty comfy… and the fact that the sink is a tad too small doesn’t seem to be bothering her at all.

Cat fact: Most cat species don’t take on too many pounds, but Norwegian Forest Cats, Maine Coons, and Ragdolls can weigh anywhere from 15 to 22 pounds!

This Precious Face


This cat looks like he or she may have made a major mistake… but it’s the cutest expression anyway! Although most of these kitties have seemed totally relaxed in their sinks, this one is a little concerned about the situation at hand. We have to wonder what’s happening off camera!

Cat fact: There are tons of funny cat videos today, but people have been watching them since the 19th century! Thomas Edison filmed two cats “boxing” back in 1894.

The Best Of Friends


Not only are these cats cuddling as they’re sharing the sink so nicely, but they’re also hugging each other… which, in cat world, can be a rarity if your cats aren’t the most social animals around. These two are so sweet and practically identical! We wonder if they spend time like this often?

Cat fact: Sphinx cats are those odd-looking felines that infamously have no coat. Despite this, their body temperature is typically four degrees warmer than most felines!

The Sink Is Now A Bathtub


This is a truly uncomfortable looking cat in a truly uncomfortable looking sink, but it hasn’t stopped him or her from getting in there anyway… even if he is a little squished. Message to the owner: Please buy a house with bigger sinks for your adorable furry friend. This is too small!

Cat fact: Experts believe that cats like to curl up in enclosed spaces – like sinks and boxes – because it reminds them of being in the womb, which makes them feel secure.

This Ridiculously Cute Pose


This sink is so roomy for this kitten that he’s been able to stretch out in the most ridiculously cute pose ever. For a human, this wouldn’t be comfortable (or even possible), but this kitten seems to be loving his life. It seems like orange cats, in particular, are loving the sink life, and this one is no different.

Cat fact: It’s a wonder how this kitty can stretch into this awkward position! Perhaps it’s because cats have 244 bones in their bodies, whereas humans only have 206.

This Cat On The Edge


Those huge eyes are making us think that this cat just got caught doing something he’s not supposed to do… but he’s clearly not in so much trouble that his owners didn’t stop to take a photo! With this pose, how could you not? He looks like he’s truly satisfied with his choices in life at this very moment.

Cat fact: Experts estimate that a cat spends approximately two-thirds of its entire life asleep.