People Are Photoshopping Mr. Bean Into Stuff And It’s So Good

11. Mr. Hulk

The Incredible Hulk does a great job of destroying things on their own. Mr. Bean would level entire cities by accident if he had super powers like this!

12. A Founding Bean

America would be a very different place to live right now if Mr. Bean was the countries leader during its early days.

13. A Beanstress at Heart

Seriously, Mr. Bean’s face on anything brings us to smile. This man is comedy gold even when he’s not trying.

14. Bean Swan

A very serious movie with an incredibly serious message. Mr. Bean would still be able to turn this movie’s subject matter into a comedic triumph.

15. Winter Is Coming And It’s Hilarious.

Game of Thrones Mr. Bean Style would be a different show but we’d still watch it for the lulz.

16. Et Tu Bean?

Why anyone would want to stab Mr. Bean in the back is beyond us. A tragic story with a comedic twist, this could be Hollywood gold.

17. Always The Biggest Joker In The Room.

If Mr. Bean was going to play an evil character we would vote for the joker. Sure he’s incredibly evil but his face is also always recognizable in the Batman movies.

18. The World’s Funniest Gladiator!

He kicks butt during the day, slaying lions and bears, only to rock the open mic at night. He actually sort of looks like a rockstar in this photoshopped movie scene.

19. Mona Bean.

The Mona Lisa is the world’s most priceless work of art. The Mona Bean isn’t as well known but just as intriguing.

20. Pulp Bean? Bean Fiction? Sure Why Not.

Mr. Bean could do a parody of Pulp Fiction but checking him out in the original would be equally as funny. Look at those sexy legs!