This Pit Bull was rescued from a crackhouse and now their a firehouse dog

Ashley the pit bull was found one month ago by animal rescuer Erica Mahnken and her fiancé, Michael Favor. The poor abandoned pup was found inside an abandoned “crack house” in Staten Island, New York.

When first discovered she was severely malnourished and covered in cigarette burns.

Today, she is a member of the Lower East Side “Fort Pitt” FDNY station.

probyash / Instagram

“We didn’t ask any questions when the person called us and told us the dog was alone,” Mahnken told CBS News. “It was freezing out. There was nothing in the house. No, we didn’t think about it — we just ran and got her and said we’ll figure out what we were going to do after we got her out of there.”

The couple didn’t know where to bring the scared and sick dog so they called up a friend who happened to be a firefighter.

The fire house used to be home to a rottweiler and quickly agreed to temporarily welcome the dog.

Three days after housing the nearly one-year-old pit bull they asked to adopt her.

probyash / Instagram

“My heart wants to explode,” Mahnken said. “Everyone’s so quick to judge a dog, especially a dog you don’t know where it came from or what kind of person they are and what kind… It is very satisfying.”

Ashley now spends her days hanging out with the crew in kitchen and goes on ride-alongs with the firefighters when they respond to a fire.

She has her own spot on the firetruck!

The firefighters love their new companion so much that they created an Instagram account for her. You can follow her adventures on almost a daily basis.

“Reporting for doodie… ready to ride…I got the woof! (Roof)”

Great job guys and she’s definitely an amazing addition to your team.