Real Life Rapunzel Cuts Her Hair For The Very First Time

16 Year Old Girls First Haircut

In 2009, Roxy received a haircut. Sure that isn’t a big deal for most people, but she was practically a real life Rapunzel without a tower. Before 2009 Roxy had never received a single haircut. Realizing that she wanted to make a big change before heading off to college, Roxy cut off a bunch of her hair.

She wanted to look more mature and her new haircut definitely achieved that goal. Plus, she chose to donate her lopped off hair to charity.

The makeover was completed with help from Seventeen magazine. Her hair was the longest ever donated to Beautiful Lengths. After all, who else allows their hairstyle to remain unchanged for 16 years.

Watch the start of the video and you will notice that the Virginia native’s hair is so long that it literally drags on the floor.

Her mom is also shown in the video and she cries when her daughter’s hair is cut for the first time.

I’m assuming Roxy wore her hair up much of the time, mostly for fear of dragging it through a mud puddle or a big pile of spit out bubblegum.