Rescuers were amazed to discover what this muddy animal actually is

A group of construction workers outside of London’s Canary Wharf recently found a poor defenseless animal stuck in the mud.

The little creature was fully submerged in a muddy hole and could have died if they didn’t jump into action.

The was so much dirt on the animal that the construction workers were not able to tell what kind of animal they had found. To their amazement the little guy had not already died from suffocation or hypothermia.

The animal of unknown origin was rushed to South Essex Wildlife Hospital. They looked on the surface like a little puppy.

Hospital staff named the new patient Muddsey and fed him to make sure he regained all his strength. Now Muddsey is ready to go back to the wild.

Just look how muddy this poor little guy was when discovered.


He was given a thorough bath.


It turns out he is a beautiful red fox!


He was eventually returned to the wild where we hope he stays out of any muddy pits in the future.