Somebody Give These Genius Animals A Ph.D. ASAP

We’d like to think that humans are the most intelligent species in the animal kingdom, but these dogs, cats, birds, and octopuses are giving us a run for our money. I don’t know where they learned these tricks, but their owners must be impressed and a little terrified.

Keep reading to see some animals who are probably way more impressive than your family pet. Some of them might even be smarter than your children. I bet your kid can’t catch a fish with his bare… mouth.

This Dog Knows How To Write His Name

Photo Credit: misslindadee / Reddit

This is Jumpy. He’s a shepherd mix. He knows how to write his name with a paintbrush. He’s also the best boy out there.

Honestly, I think his handwriting (or mouth writing) is better than mine. I wish I was smart enough to teach my dog how to do this.

When A Bird Asks Nicely For A Drink Of Water

Photo Credit: NvEnd / Reddit

I like that he’s smart enough to know that cap needed to come off. I wish a bird would ask me for a drink of water.

I would gladly share my water bottle with a smart bird. If he’s lucky, I might even share some sunflower seeds with him.

It Was A Dog Lobster

Photo Credit: -WarHounds- / Reddit

How are dogs such good hunters even in the water? I wouldn’t even be able to see underwater, let alone grab a lobster on my first try.

That dog is a beast. I hope he got to taste a bit of that lobster dinner.

Hey Buddy, Pass Me A Beer

Photo Credit: Donald_Keyman / Reddit

I love how excited he was to close the fridge door. I wish I could be that happy about anything.

I would train my dog to get me drinks from the fridge, but knowing him, he’d just eat all of my other food while he was in there.

Old Dog Uses His Intelligence

Photo Credit: DemetriMartin / Reddit

This old dog found a way to get water from a pup-protected hose. I like how the dog in the lifejacket gets so mad that he has to share his water that he just storms off.

I bet he went to turn the water off just to spite his brother.

A Rope Massage

Photo Credit: 1Voice1LIfe / Reddit

This pup has one itchy butt. The slow zoom really makes this video. He’s concentrating so hard on getting a good scratch. I know that dogs love those butt scratches, but he’s going out and doing it himself.

I’m not sure what’s up with his tiny tail though. It’s not the most attractive part of his body.

Dogs Do It Better

Photo Credit: Donald_Keyman / Reddit

I liked that the dog sniffed her butt first. He was just checking to make sure everything was ok in that area.

At this point, he’s just showing off. Yeah, Buster, we know you know how to crawl. At least he’s trying to help. Hopefully, she takes some notes.

Patient Doggo Gets The Fish

Photo Credit: echocage / Reddit

I had to watch this like three times to fully believe what happened. Give a dog a fish and he eats for a day (if he likes fish). Teach a dog to fish and you’ve got a smart dog and a viral video.

I don’t know how he had the self-control to not eat the bred under his nose.

More Treats Please

Photo Credit: spectrosoldier / Reddit

These cats learned that ringing the bell will get them more treats. Watching little cat paws do anything is way too cute.

Why are cat toes so amazing? The black and white cat’s face, while he’s waiting for a treat, is actually priceless.

This Octopus Made Armor Out Of A Coconut

Photo Credit: nomau / Reddit

Octopuses are actually so smart. If I could fit inside a coconut shell, I’d do this all the time. Maybe this octopus just thought it would be fun to roll down a hill inside a coconut.

Either way, this is pretty impressive. I’m still not quite sure if octopuses are real or aliens from another planet though.

Seagulls Are Sneaky Thieves

Photo Credit: Recep_Tayyip_Erdogan / Reddit

This seagull doesn’t care that he’s breaking the law. He just wants his chips and he doesn’t have a stable income. He has no way of paying for them, so he’s just going to take them.

He knows that’s not the way the world works, but he’s a rebel, and he lives by his own rules.

Let’s Play, Stranger!

Photo Credit: aloofloofah / Reddit

I’m about to say something a little bit controversial, but I think border collies are the smartest dogs ever (sorry little corgi at the bottom of this video).

This is just a border collie being normal. If any other breed of dog did this, that would be genius level.

Follow The Sun

Photo Credit: N8theG8 / Reddit

This floppy-eared greyhound thought it would be a good idea to move his bed into the sun. I think this dog has the right idea.

Most stupid dogs would just lie down on the floor in the sun, but not this dog. This dog is a genius.

Cows Can Be Geniuses Too

Photo Credit: Meriog / Reddit

Cows have super dexterous tongues. Sometimes they even pick their noses with their tongues, which is pretty gross.

This cow is putting his tongue to good use by escaping his fenced-in enclosure. I think that cameraman better watch out. There’s a smart cow on the loose.

Doggo Learns About Commerce


Photo Credit: r3myJr / Reddit

I guess nobody ever told that dog that money doesn’t grow on trees. I hope they gave him some food even though leaves aren’t really legal tender.

He did a good job collecting them and observing human behavior. He deserves a hotdog at the very least.

This Bird Is Smarter Than A Two-Year-Old Human

Photo Credit: nomau / Reddit

Can your two-year-old match up colors like this? I don’t think so. Birds are way too smart. I don’t know where the term “birdbrain” came from, but I think it needs some rebranding.

Calling somebody a birdbrain should be a compliment.

When In Doubt, Use A Rock

Photo Credit: 1Voice1Life / Reddit

Birds are basically just dinosaurs… modern feathered dinosaurs. He threw that rock pretty hard. He looks like he could do some real damage if he wanted to.

He also looks like Pidgeotto. I wonder if he’s going to evolve soon. Maybe that egg is his enemy’s Pokéball.

Nothing Can Stop This Determined Kitty

Photo Credit: Donald_Keyman / Reddit

The only thing that would make this better is if the cat turned around and started drinking the water. I think we’re going to need a bigger moat.

Cat’s are way too nibble for our trickery. Maybe we just need stupider cats. The real question here is what’s behind the door?

Jump Rope With The Squad

Photo Credit: -WarHounds- / Reddit

I don’t know how these people trained these dogs to jump rope, but I have to say that it’s pretty impressive.

I also like that they’re all in different colored tutus. If you’re going to jump rope, you have to look the part. This brought back some memories from recess.

Crows Are The Smartest Animals Of Them All

Photo Credit: Helleryoudoing / Reddit

These crows are smarter than most high school kids. I think I failed my tenth-grade test on water displacement. These crows could have probably aced it.

This is why there are so many fables written about crows. It’s because crows are smarter than people and our ancestors knew it.