Stepparents Who Have Really Stepped It Up For Their Stepchildren

It isn’t easy being a stepparent. First, you have to win over the kids. Then you have to win over their biological parents (and they may never come around). But there are many stepparents who have become very important members of the family. Their love and dedication is irreplaceable. Check out some heartwarming stories about stepmoms and stepdads…

Kevin & Madeleine


Elizabeth Hatline started dating Kevin in the fall of 2015. She immediately knew after their first date that they were meant to be and that her life had changed forever. The problem was that Kevin lived in Texas, while Elizabeth and her daughter Madeleine lived in Michigan. The couple had a long-distance relationship for six months, and somehow made it work. They wrote letters to each other and used Facetime. Kevin made sure he got to know Madeleine. He always made an effort talk to her and to get to know about her life. He also sent her gifts in the mail.