This story about a simple gesture at McDonald’s is how we should all act

Despite all of the political discussions, philosophical debates, and outright arguments over how to treat the poor, there is one common factor that should always be remembered — we are all people and we deserve to be treated with respect regardless of our economic status.

One kind Facebook user recently took to the social network to share a story about her recent trip to McDonald’s.

Despite a poor mother’s inability to pay for her own meal, she managed to scrounge up enough cash to buy her son a happy meal at McDonald’s.

When the young man’s father dropped him off and the lady asked for a few dollars he told her to “starve” and stormed off.

What happened next warmed my heart as much as I hope it warms yours. 

I built GiveItLove 3 years ago for stories just like this one. Let’s all remember that with all of the fighting in this world today we still have the ability to be good and kind people.

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