These Sugar Glider photos will make you run out and adopt a new pet

Sugar Gliders may not be as common as the typical house cat or puppy dog, but they are most certainly one of the most adorable little creatures you can get your hands on.

From their giant eyes to their playful nature and ability to glide throughout a room, these little guys and girls are special in their own right.

We’ve compiled a list of pictures and Gifs that highlight just how special these little creatures really are.

Just be warned, once you see them in action you’ll end up adopted sugar gliders of their own.

I can haz cracker?

I can haz cracker?

A little afternoon snuggle.

A little afternoon snuggle.Loopdeloops

How could you not want one of these?

How could you not want one of these?Loopdeloops

Up Up And Away.

Up Up And Away.Whycanttheenglishlearntospeak

Snuggling on a hand.

Snuggling on a hand.Fenryll

A baby Sugar Glider staying warm.

A baby Sugar Glider staying warm.Sugartail.m