This brave teenager braved Texas floods to save abandoned dogs

It’s been a record year of rainfall in Texas and that has meant a lot of flooding over the last few months. As people fled their homes in the little town of Brazoria, many left behind their pets.

Reddit user DUSTYHAM‘s brother and dad were not about to let those pets die because of their owner’s ignorance or because they were out of town when the flood hit. In a series of posts this past week the young man shared how they had gone about saving those animals.

DUSTYHAM’s little brother and his dad jumped in their john boat and rescued them from flooded homes.

The unnamed Reddit user posted this blurb and from the self-documented rescue mission.

“This was forecasted a week or so in advance, some situations I can understand,” wrote DUSTYHAM. “Not this one.” Neither can we, however, it’s also possible that the owners were away from home and not able to come back for their pooches. Whatever the reason, the poor pups were brought to safety. “They all went to temporary shelter set up by the local humane society,” DUSTYHAM explained. The dogs will be cared for until their owners come to pick them up or they’re adopted.”

Here’s a nice photo account of the rescue mission. 

Floodingvia DUSTYHAM
Rescuing pets during floodvia DUSTYHAM
Teen Rescues Pets During Floodvia DUSTYHAM
Teen Rescued dog during floodvia DUSTYHAM
Brave teen rescues animals during floods in Texasvia DUSTYHAM
Awesome teen rescuing dogs during floodvia DUSTYHAM
Teen rescue during floodvia DUSTYHAM

DUSTYHAM’s little brother and dad rescued over forty dogs in just a few days. The animals were immediately taken to a local animal shelter.

If you have the ability to donate to support these pups, follow this link to find the shelters where each of them is being held.

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