The Best Dog-Friendly Spots & Secret Menus For Your Pet

The United States is becoming increasingly more dog-friendly as people choose to bring their pets with them wherever they go. While there are still many places that are off limits to dogs, many establishments not only allow dogs but also encourage people to dine or shop with their canine companions. You may not know that some rather large restaurants have secret dog menus, and many hotels and other businesses offer perks to those who travel with their furry friends…

In-N-Out Has Special Burgers For Fido


The first In-N-Out was built in 1948 in California. It was the first ever drive-thru hamburger stand and was run by Harry Snyder and his wife Esther. People who are interested in taking their canine companions to the fast food joint won’t be disappointed because there are a couple of special menu items for dogs. Instead of giving your pup a regular hamburger, you can order the Pup Patty, which is plain and doesn’t have any salt. There’s also the Flying Dutchman, which is comprised of two patties with cheese and no bun. Many think this was specially added to the menu for dogs even though it doesn’t specifically say so.

Johnny Rockets Has Doggie Hamburgers & More


Certain Johnny Rocket locations have special menus for canines. If you’re eating outside, let the server know you have a dog with you, and they will bring out a bowl of water as well as a menu especially for them! At the Chino Hills, Calif., branch, for example, pups can enjoy items such as doggie hamburgers, locket-split ice cream, pupcakes and carob ruffles. Many of the items are from three dog bakery, but there are also other options, such as grilled chicken and a bunless hot dog. So if you want to live footloose and fancy-free, take your pup to a Johnny Rockets.

Virgin Atlantic Makes Flying As Comfortable As Possible


It can be stressful to fly with your pet because you want them to be as comfortable as possible and not stressed out during a flight. Virgin Atlantic tries to make traveling as seamless as possible for your canine companions. They provide special compartments that are either heated or air conditioned so the temperature is just right. They have a special program called Flying Paws that enables dogs to earn their own mile rewards. They tout on their website: “We have a scheme to reward our furry traveler’s human companion – our way of saying thank you for flying Virgin.”

Order The Pooch-ini At Shake Shack


Most people go to shake shack for the burgers, french fries, and of course, the shakes. But they also have a special menu for dogs. Most popular is the Pooch-ini, a delicious dessert made of dog biscuits, peanut butter sauce, and vanilla custard. It almost sounds good enough for humans (except the biscuit part). It’s not recommended for small dogs, according to the restaurant. The menu, labeled “Woof,” offers “treats for those with four feet.” You can also order the Bag O’Bones, which is a bag of five ShackBurger dog biscuits from Bocce’s Bakery intended for any size dogs.

Culver’s Offers Drive-Thru Treats


Culver’s is a restaurant chain in the Midwest that is most known for its made-daily fresh frozen custard (as well as their Wisconsin Cheese Curds). They are also great with dogs and very pet-friendly. People who go through the drive-thru will get milk bones for their pups. Some locations even offer the bones in a scoop of vanilla custard. One satisfied customer said of the establishment: “Culver’s is a great place to take your four-pawed best friend(s). They have a nice patio and great food selections.” If you’re looking for a spot to enjoy a summer treat with your pet, go to Culver’s.

Precita Park Cafe Is Perfect For A Pup Play Date


Precita Park Café in San Francisco is a dog lover’s paradise. Owners Rachel Herbert and Dana Oppenheim offer their canine customers homemade veggie dog treats as well as leftover hamburgers and other dog-friendly food items. Unlimited water is also on hand for thirsty pups. According to Herbert, “We adore our furry friends as much as we love our cafe regulars! With our cafes in close proximity to dog-friendly parks, it’s a no-brainer that we extend our hospitality to our ‘dog regulars.'” The cafe has a lot of return customers who often meet up for dog play dates, going to lunch and visiting the dog-friendly Precita Park.

Dairy Queen Has Free Ice Cream


While a lot of places have special (and sometimes secret) menus for dogs, most of the time you have to pay for the treats. But at Dairy Queen dogs don’t have to pay a cent! There’s nothing better on a hot day than a cool scoop of ice cream. If you pass a Dairy Queen, make sure to stop by and order a Pup Cup for your canine. Servers will deliver a small cup or bowl of soft-serve vanilla ice cream. The best part is that you won’t be charged for the order. There’s no excuse not to take an ice cream break with your pup.

American Apparel Allows Dogs In Its Stores


Most stores don’t allow customers to bring their dogs inside unless they are specially trained for the disabled. However, American Apparel welcomes dogs to accompany their owners while shopping. All dogs are allowed in their stores so long as their owners keep them on leashes. And while you’re shopping for some new duds, you can also buy some clothing for your pup! One of their most popular items is their doggie zip hoodies, which come in a variety of sizes and colors. They also sell a number of t-shirts for canines. Maybe you can get matching sweatshirts… Is that taking it too far?

Filini’s In Chicago Offers Furry Friends A Balanced Meal


The Filini restaurant in Chicago takes its doggie menu very seriously. For just $5, your pet can order The Wagging Tail, which is grilled boneless chicken breast with chopped carrots, the Bad to the Bone Burger with cheese and bacon, the Lost Me Lucky Charms (meatballs), or the Frosty Paws Ice Cream. Each meal comes with brown rice and sweet potatoes. According to Radisson Blu general manager Bob Shelley, “There are so many dogs in the neighborhood, so we needed to be able to offer something more for them than a water bowl. The menu is a balance between protein and vegetables; we didn’t want to overload carbs on the dogs.”

Starbucks Has A Special Puppuccino


Not everyone knows that Starbucks has a secret menu or that they actually have special drinks for your canine companions. If you want to give your pup a treat, order the Puppuccino, which is basically a small cup filled to the brim with whipped cream. Yup, it’s the best treat ever! So when you go to the drive-thru to order your favorite coffee, don’t forget to order something for your dog as well. But there’s one caveat: many dogs have trouble digesting dairy products. Make sure your puppy doesn’t have a sensitive stomach before letting them have this treat.

Kimpton Allegro Hotel Has Waggin’ Weekends Happy Hour


312 Chicago is located in the Kimpton Allegro Hotel, which caters to dogs. The Italian restaurant features Waggin’ Weekends happy hour every Saturday and Sunday. The chefs create specially made treats for your canine companions, free of charge as long as you make some sort of purchase. The doggie menu includes entrees for $7, such as Salmon & White Rice; Carrots, Celery, and Cheese; and Chicken and Pasta. For smaller portions, try the Peanut Butter Biscuit or a Beefsicle for just $4. Really hungry dogs may want to shell out $9 for both an entrée and treat. The human menu is quite good too.

Bistro Chat Noir Makes Dining With Your Dog Look Normal


Don’t be fooled by the name of this restaurant, which in English translates to “cafe black cat.” Located on the upper east side near Central Park in New York City, dogs dine at the establishment daily. Canines and their owners hang out on the outside patio and enjoy menu items as well as toys to entertain them. Owner Susan Latapie noted, “We are in a great location to accommodate our furry friends. I also spent a lot of time traveling through Europe and noticed diners bringing their dog to dinner; a tradition for many. I wanted to recreate that sentiment at Bistro Chat Noir.”

Rock & Brews Has Doggie Beer


Visitors to Rock & Brew locations throughout the United States know they’re getting good food, craft beer, and an outdoor patio that is dog-friendly. One customer was particularly satisfied by how her dog was treated by the staff: “By far the best place to bring your children (dogs). Dogs are allowed on their outer patio covered by just enough umbrellas to still allow the perfect amount of sunlight that my dogs love to lay in. They not only have a doggie menu featuring fresh product such as hand-made burger patties, bacon, hot dog or a chicken breast, BUT they have doggie beer!!”

The W Hotel Pampers Pets


People in Austin, Texas, love dogs, and their hotels and restaurants are no exception. The W Hotel welcomes pets at its establishment. Its restaurant, TRACE, is pet-friendly. Menu items include homemade dog treats and ice cream just for canines. It also has a great outdoor patio so guests can enjoy the fresh air with their furry friends. W Austin is known for its Pets Are Welcome (PAWS) program, which not only caters to pets but pampers them as well. They have a special menu with Niman Ranch dog meals and provide treats as part of its turn-down service.

Tim Hortons Offers Tasty Timbits


Tim Hortons, the popular Canadian chain, is very dog friendly. They have been making bite-sized fried-dough treats called timbits since 1976 and even have some that are especially made for dogs. In the United States, they’re known as doughnut holes, and they come in a variety of flavors. But in order not to upset a dog’s stomach, there are plain ones just for canines at Tim Hortons. When ordering, be sure to specify you want a pet-friendly variety so they don’t put any sugar on it. Each and every customer is given one timbit per order. What dog doesn’t love doughnuts?

Sprinkles Has Pupcakes


Sprinkles opened the world’s first cupcake bakery in Beverly Hills, Calif. Their treats are enjoyed by lots of people, including the Hollywood elite. It didn’t take them long to realize that people want special treats for their dogs as well. Enter pupcakes. These deserts are sugar free and topped with a yogurt frosting, so they’re much healthier for your canine companion. If you want to celebrate a special occasion (such as Fido’s birthday), it’s probably a good idea to stay away from super sugary sweets, so they offer a great alternative. And who knows, if you visit one of the L.A. locations you may encounter a star!

Loew’s Hotels Provides Gourmet Meals & Other Perks


Not all hotels are dog friendly, and many of those that are charge extra when you bring your pet for an overnight stay. Loews Hotel has a specially made Loews Loves Pets program that offers dogs special toys, a dog bed, and a special room service menu. These extras are hand-delivered to your canine companion. If they’re hungry, you can choose from a variety of packaged meals or order custom-made gourmet meals. One is called “Bow Wow Tenderloin Beef,” which serves four and includes one pound of Filet Mignon. And after such a big meal, a dog may need to be walked, and that’s a service the hotel also provides.

Del Frisco’s Grille Touts Its Dog Days Of Summer


Del Frisco’s Grille in New York City has a very scenic and large outdoor patio that is the perfect place to dine with your pet. During the warmer months, they celebrate Dog Days of Summer with cocktails such as the New Yorkie, which is inspired by our canine companions. The Chef, Greg Lombardi, also offers homemade treats for pups. The wait staff will give customers a complimentary Del Frisco’s Grille Frisbee to those who ask for it, and it’s great to use as a water dish for Fido. Humans will also enjoy the menu, which includes favorites such as the Ahi tacos.

Ray’s & Stark In LA Offers Sunday Brunch For Dogs


If you’re in Los Angeles and you want to give your dog something special, take him to Ray’s and Stark. The owner is such a dog lover he opened Barky Brunch at his high-end restaurant to cater to those who like dining with their dogs. Those who eat on the patio can order from the “Man’s Best Friend” menu on Sundays only. Items include: Pizza Crust, Steamed Chicken & Broccoli Bowl, Watermelon Sorbet, Chicken Liver & Brown Rice Cookies, and a Pupsicle Treat. Humans can also enjoy a fine meal while lounging outdoors with their canine companions. It’s a win-win situation.

Enjoy Yappy Hour At Sally’s Fish House & Bar


San Diego is home to Sally’s Fish House & Bar, which includes amazing views of the bay. They are known for being dog friendly and have items such as Sally’s Famous Peanut Butter Pupcakes, Chicken and Rice, rawhide bones, and more. They also feature a Yappy Hour with games, snacks, and dog treats. Want to treat your furry companion to something extra special? Give them some dog-friendly craft beer. They frequently host an event called “Paws on the Patio” for people who love dining with their pets. Parking is free at the hotel next door if you bring your canine pal.