The World’s Most Amazing Tech Headquarters And Their Unique Features

Work. Most of the time, there’s a million places we would rather be. If you’re stuck in a cubicle where your only source of entertainment is sharpening pencils, then you may want to consider polishing up your resume and heading to one of these companies with their modern offices and amazing amenities.

From game rooms to selfie tunnels and fully stocked bars, you’ll never believe how amazing these company headquarters are. Regardless of your personality type, we’ve found at least one office that will fit what you like.

One company even made an exact replica of the White House’s Oval Office…

Shutterstock, New York

Along with Getty Images, Shutterstock is a big deal in the image licensing world – and their headquarters reflects the company’s success. Situated in a prime Manhattan location on the 20th and 21st floors of the Empire State building, the workspace is not only gigantic but beautifully designed by Studios Architecture. The entire office spans across 80,000 square feet and looks more like the home of design guru than a workplace. It has a steampunk-style secret library, game areas so the staff can kick back, a cafe and even a yoga studio and massage rooms. Be right back, just checking the job vacancies page…

Airbnb, San Francisco

Can you remember when you had to book a boring hotel before Airbnb gave us the opportunity to stay in some seriously cool, seriously chic places? Although it was founded in 2008, the site has really taken off in the last couple of years, outgrowing its two original San Francisco offices. Founders Brain Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk hired architecture firm Gensler to help them out with their new 72,000 square foot office in the South of Market area. You might think that a firm this big would be all about private offices and meeting rooms, but there isn’t one in sight – it’s open plan all the way for these guys. There are even replicas of their top locations, including ones from Bali and Paris.

Kickstarter, New York

The popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter originally started out in New York’s Lower East Side in a tenement building, but when things really started happening for the company it was clear a move was needed. The bigger the success, the bigger the headquarters! In 2014 they packed up shop and moved to trendy Brooklyn, taking up a converted pencil factory in Greenpoint. While they might not have as much space as we’ve previously seen – a modest 29,000 square foot – that doesn’t mean that this place isn’t insanely hip. It’s bright and breezy, centers around a courtyard, has a gallery, a beautiful library and best of all, a roof-top garden where the staff grow actual food. How cool is that?

Instagram, San Francisco

If there’s one thing that Instagram knows about, it’s making things look good – their San Francisco HQ is no exception. What can you expect from this workplace? Apart from the ultra-trendy furnishings (that’s just a given) the brand pays homage to its photographic roots by having an awesome display of vintage cameras in the main room. There’s also a portable cocktail trolley to help soften the blow of those boring meetings, as well as a pretty incredible metal and glass bespoke liquor cabinet for those long nights on the grind. Clearly, Insta’s employees are partial to a tipple. We’ll be there in a shot (of Tequila).

Uber, San Francisco

Underneath the words ‘modern office’ in the dictionary lies a picture of Uber’s San Francisco HQ. Okay, not really, but it absolutely should. The car and logistics services company has spared no expense in creating a workspace that really embodies what they’re about. Concrete and raw steel represent the UberX service, while copper, oxidized maple and onyx glass highlight the slightly more upscale Uber Black. If that weren’t enough to ‘cement’ (see what we did there) this office into the workplace hall of fame, there’s also a quarter-mile track that glides through the 90,000 square foot space for walking meetings.

Pandora, San Francisco

Not to be confused with the expensive jewelry brand, this internet radio company has been kicking butt in the industry since 2008. Based in the East Bay, the HQ was recently expanded to 100,000 square foot. When you’ve got 800 employees you need a little elbow room. The firm called in Studios Architecture to work on their revamp, which includes custom booths that spell out “Radio” and recording studio inspired meeting rooms that represent famous moments in music history. If this didn’t make it one of the coolest places to work, then the vending machines that dispense free gadgets and the plethora of in-office concerts might.

Lumosity, San Francisco

Lumosity specializes in creating brain-training games to keep us on our toes, so it’s no wonder that their HQ is bright, colorful and quirky. The 38,000 square foot space in San Francisco occupies a beautiful Art Deco building and was designed by Lauren Geremia, one of Architectural Digest’s “Ones to Watch” in 2013. This office focuses on the social aspect of working, actively encouraging employees to interact. Heck, there’s even a fully stocked bar. Hello. Not only is the layout custom designed but so is the furniture, giving the entire space a truly unique feel. It certainly looks better than working at McDonald’s and way more upscale.

Pinterest, San Francisco

Pinterest is known for being a website that helps users source and bookmark content that is personal to them, so it only makes sense that when they designed their headquarters employees were encouraged to personalize it. The San Francisco space was a collaborative effort taken on by New York’s All of the Above, LA’s First Office and San Fran’s Schwartz and Architecture. The team opted to keep things light and industrial-modern, giving it a feel that any self-respecting Pinner would swoon over. What did the employees opt to do with their input? A speakeasy-style bar in the leftover space, of course. That’s a team we want to be on.

Yelp, San Francisco

Most large companies go for a couple of floors that occupy a lot of space, but Yelp flipped the script. The crowd-sourced reviews site hired Studio O+A to get their space’s good juju flowing over an impressive 13 floors of a Financial District’s historical building. The reception area is designed to look like a general store while beautiful hand-woven fittings, bulb lights, and exposed brickwork give it an almost Brooklyn-like feel. The historical-turned-modern vibe of the space pays homage to the 1925 building. Don’t even get us started on the coffee bar – it’s to die for.

GitHub, San Francisco

GitHub pride themselves on their mission statement – to make collaborating on software easier. Like many big tech companies, they set up shop in San Francisco, nabbing a three-story, 60,000 square foot space in a former dried fruit warehouse. We can’t say for sure that it doesn’t smell like raisins, but it has some really impressive spaces. There’s a cafe on each floor (goodbye to lunchtime queuing), individually themed conference rooms, a speakeasy, a roof deck and a freakin’ dojo. Yes, a dojo. If all of this wasn’t enough to have you reaching for your resume, the reception room is an exact replica of the White House’s Oval Office. Mind officially blown.

Coolblue, Rotterdam

You don’t have to be a high-flying international company to have an office that dreams are made of. Coolblue is one of the largest online shops in the Netherlands and Belgium. Occupying 77,000 square foot, the impressive space is the brainchild of Joost Bakker. Honestly, it doesn’t get more fun than this. All of the individual spaces are uniquely designed with an exciting theme. Want to take a load of? Sit down with your laptop in the ball pit meeting room. Fancy reminiscing about your childhood video games? Welcome to the Donkey Kong room. Want a real heart to heart about brand strategy? There’s the campfire room for that. When it comes to the work/happiness ratio, these guys have got it down to a T.

Missguided, Manchester

The British online fashion retailer has quite possibly the most Instagram worthy office we have ever seen. Based in Manchester, England, the office boasts unicorn wall fittings, a bright pink selfie tunnel as well as motivational slogans dotted around the place, such as our favorite, “Don’t worry, be yonce.” In short, it’s the kind of place where just-graduated fashion students dream about starting out. There’s also hanging pop chairs and circular booths that scream 60’s glamor. We imagine it all comes with one happy workforce that actually wants to go to the office every day. Imagine that.

Pixar, Emeryville

They brought us Toy Story. They brought us Monsters Inc. They brought us one hell of an office. Originally designed by Bohlin Cywinkski Jackson in 1999, CEO Steve Jobs wanted to create a place which “promoted encounters and unplanned collaborations.” Over the years the California space has evolved to include a giant Lux light which lights up at night, as well as a plethora of open-plan spaces that boast plenty of games. You can even hang out with Buzz and Woody in the lobby, or take a selfie with an Incredible. Doesn’t sound like such a drag, does it?

Cosmopolitan, New York

Cosmopolitan Magazine’s New York HQ is something that Carrie from Sex and the City would squeal over. Located in Midtown West, the effortlessly stylish office is designed by ABC Carpet and Home, Wisteria and CB2. The fashion and beauty closet is every millennial’s dream, stocked to the hilt with all of the latest products. The desk spaces are light and breezy, but the best part is the café area that’s open to employees that work around the clock, dubbed “Club Cosmo.” According to the company, it’s all about creating a workable space that allows them to comfortably hustle 24/7.

Bumble, New Austin

Bumble is a dating app that’s on the rise. The company centres around encouraging women to make the first move, and has gone from strength to strength since its conception in 2014. It’s estimated worth is now $1 billion dollars – not bad for a company less than 4 years old. Luckily for its employees, that revenue came in handy when it was time to design the office – which is nothing short of fabulous. Mark Odom Studio is responsible for the eye-popping décor which is a direct reflection on the building’s 1960’s vibe. Full of the app’s signature yellow and beehive shapes, it’s a truly hip and happening place to work.

Google, California

There’s a reason why Google is often cited as one of the best companies to work for. In fact, their headquarters may be the best office space on the planet. The aptly titled Googleplex is located near Silicon Valley and takes up an astonishing 2 million square foot. It’s not just the scale that’s impressive, but what’s inside it. There’s a bowling alley and not one, not two but seven fitness centers that offer up yoga classes and massages to its employees. As well as that, there is a picturesque burbling fountain out front and rows of cute bikes that the staff use to shuttle between campuses.

Facebook, San Francisco

Facebook is without a doubt one of the biggest companies in the world. In 2015, they packed up shop and moved to a state of the art new space in Menlo Park. The workspace is 430,000 square feet and is a cross between an adult playground and a high-tech think tank. Filled with clear glass workspaces – one of which is a ball pit – and modern art decor, the place is a sheer wonder. Architect Frank Gehry included intricate stairwells as well as a 9-acre rooftop park that has the coolest teepee swing we’ve ever seen. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Adobe Systems, San Jose

For a company worth $67 billion dollars, you’d expect a fairly decent HQ. Adobe Systems doesn’t disappoint. Based in San Jose, the workspace is home to 2,500 employees. Design company Gensler spearheaded a renovation of the 143,000 square foot office and did a spectacular job. This place oozes tech-savvy ultra-modern attitude, comprising of vibrant artwork and furnishings, but that’s not the best part. We adore the climbing wall, perfect for those times when you just want to rock climb in between meetings, but the building’s Photoshop floor is the piece de resistance. Here you can relax in one of the time capsule phone booths, like the 1990’s one that comes complete with floral wallpaper and a Mackintosh model running Photoshop 1.0.

Autodesk, San Francisco

You may not know the name, but Autodesk is a pretty big deal. Specializing in 3D design software, making things look good is kind of their thing. In 2013, work was finished on their new 71,000 square foot location in San Fran. Wood paneling features heavily throughout the space, mixed with striking white and bright pops of color. Like many tech companies, Autodesk is big on open spaces that allow employees to work together, but you know what else they’re big on? Naps. Check out the hammock in the break room – actively encouraging sleeping at work. That’s what we like.

Twitter, San Francisco

Based in the Mid-Market neighborhood of San Francisco, Twitter’s digs are envy-inspiring. The company moved into the impressive space that occupies three floors back in 2012 and spared no expense in upping the ante for its workers. There are the token yoga studio and a very quaint rooftop garden, but what sets this place apart from the rest? Well, the arcade for starters. What better than kick-starting your day with a game of Pacman or Space Invaders? That doesn’t sway you? Then how about the fully loaded kitchenette that comes with a million different cereal and juice dispensers? Can we just live there, please?