These ‘Then And Now’ pet photos are a bundle of joyful transformation

Our house pets are a big part of our lives, if all goes as planned we raise them from babies into adults. They comfort us, take walks with us, and bring a ton of joy into our homes.

From puppies to dogs and kittens to cats, these people recreated some of the cutest moments in their pets lives from childhood to adulthood.

Here are some adorable then and now photos from house pets.

She refuses to outgrow the bed.

This kitten had the right idea from a very young age. There really is nothing like a comfy bed we can snuggle up in when the mood is right. Still adorable after all of these years!

Super puppy to Super dog.

These two little super puppies grew up to become super dogs. We’d let them protect us any day. They give Underdog a run for his money.

Blankies forever!

Apparently, it’s not only human children who find comfort in their blankies. These cats are grown up now but they still love their kitty memorabilia.

It’s a hammock life for this cat.

This cat has had the right idea for years. When you have the chance to lounge around in a hammock — take it! Just look how chilled out they look.

Still on the job.

This pooch grew up on the job and he’s not about to call it quits. We do think someone should consider buying this squished doggy a new, bigger desk.