These ‘Then And Now’ pet photos are a bundle of joyful transformation

Still attached at the hip… or shoulder.

This kitten grew up and continued to scale their owner. Apparently, once you find a perch that you love it becomes your second home.

That is so much more fluff.

This little puppy turned into one mammoth dog and they’ve nearly over took their owner. I bet they are the most snuggly dog you could ever cuddle with. Just look at all that fur!

All grown up — Both of them!

It’s always awesome to see a little kid grow up with their puppy. This pair looks as happy together now as they did years earlier.

This little guy loves to nap.

This puppy caught the napping bug early and has continued on with the tradition well into their adult years. They were cute then and they’re still adorable now.

He’s as cute as ever.

This puppy turned into a rather dashing adult. Just look how regally he stands, even when surrounded by snow in the middle of winter.