These Absolutely Insane Dog Houses Will Make You Wish You Were One of These Dogs

Most dog owners consider their dogs to be members of their family. This means that they give them the love and attention they deserve, take care of them, and make sure they’re getting the best life possible. However, some dog owners take their responsibility as an owner very seriously. In some cases, this includes buying their dogs their own houses that are worth thousands upon thousands of dollars. Whether they’re made from expensive lapis lazuli or have their own retinal scan entry system (yes, really) take a look to see some of the most luxurious dog houses in the world.

You won’t believe the dog house that costs $30,000!

The Doghaus


This hip dog house was designed and built in Germany and is based on the design of Bauhaus architecture. The idea of Bauhaus is to figure out the user’s needs, and then scientifically develop a way to address them, which is exactly what they did with this dog house. They designed a simple house, with clean lines and is constructed of easy-to-clean and durable materials. The house includes a skylight so it can be lit by natural light, and plexiglass so that it can be protected from the elements. The house also has a closed ball wall for some privacy, but windows that allow the dog to still watch its surroundings.

Dog House With Roommates


This dog house is Victorian-style and is a smaller version of the owner’s actual house. It is home to three dogs named Chelsea, Darla, and Coco Puff. These lucky dogs had this house built for them after one of the owner’s Pomeranians was almost taken by an owl, so she decided to go big or go home when it came to a dog house. The house itself cost $20,000 to build and come with its own gate and yard for the dogs to enjoy at their convenience. The house is also big enough so that the owner can fit in herself and spend time with her pooches. Inside, there are wood floors, vaulted ceilings, and each dog gets its own luxury bed.

Paw Mahal


This foam and stucco replication of the Taj Mahal is worth $40,000! This dog castle is fit for a king and built-to-order from Rockstar Puppy Boutique and has a completely customizable interior and exterior to meet any of the resident’s needs at any time. We wonder what this dog’s owner’s house looks like if they were willing to replicate a holy structure just for their canine! Some people might not be too happy that this is modeled after the Taj Mahal, but we can promise you one thing. The dog isn’t complaining one bit. That house looks big enough to comfortably fit a young child!

Beach Comer


If you have a house by the beach, why shouldn’t your dog get one too? These are $4,000, handmade, bohemian-style houses for your dog to put their paws up and relax after a long day of soaking up the sun on the beach. The house is designed and built by Bohemian Workhouse and is only built-to-order in order to make sure that dogs of all sizes will fit comfortably in their new home. The house comes with tinted acrylic windows, functional shutters, and a removable ramp for whatever your dog prefers.

A Small But Expensive Replica


This hacienda-style luxury dog house belongs to actress and model Rachel Hunter’s lucky canine. The house was custom designed by artists at La Petite Maison and is located in Los Angeles, California. The entire house is custom-made with a red clay tile roof and terracotta flooring. Each of the individual turrets attached to the house has a tiled lounge area for the dog that is temperature controlled so it can stay cool on those hot Southern California days. The house that the dog sits on is the exact replica of Rachel Hunter’s own house which is what makes it so unique, and it only cost her $30,000.

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Swiss Chalet Dog House


The Swiss Chalet Dog House is a luxurious piece of construction that is custom made and considered to be one-of-a-kind. It is designed with authentic Swiss architecture with European style shutters and balconies. In addition to the architecture, the house comes with running water, lighting, air conditioning, and heat. Furthermore, the patron can add on specific architectural and landscape preferences in order to better fit with the owner’s yard as well as mirror the owner’s home. Before construction, the client meets with a building consultant to learn the details about the style of house, budget, breed of dog, and characteristics of the pet to make the house as comfortable as possible. This style of dog house is estimated to be worth around $5,300.

The Colonial


Starting at $6,000 and running up to $35,000, your dog can travel back in time and live in comfort and luxury in this colonial dog house. The house was designed by La Petite Maison and the model was an exact replica of the client’s home who commissioned the dog house. Aside from the impressive construction and ample room for the dog, the house comes with amenities such as running water, climate control, and lighting. With a house so comfortable and so stylish, it’s likely that your dog will prefer their own personal outdoor house to the inside of your own home.


If you want your dog to live the country lifestyle without actually sleeping in a barn, then the farmhouse dog house is the ideal home for your pup. The dog house may look identical to a Southern-style farmhouse, but it’s far from that. The farmhouse comes with more than enough room than your dog will ever need with shatterproof glass for safety and natural lighting. Also, the house can be mobilized and placed in the yard wherever you or your dog prefers it to be. It’s a simple, yet elegant home for your pooch with a $2,200 price tag.

Andy Ramus’ Most Expensive Dog House In The World


Although still in the design period, leading British architect Andy Ramus is in the process of creating the most expensive dog house in the world. When completed, it will be about a quarter of the size of the main three-bedroom house of the owners. The house will be made out of material such as zinc, glass, and limestone with amenities such as sheepskin-lined, temperature-controlled beds, a built-in spa, and a 53-inch plasma screen television with surround sound capabilities. The dogs will have automated food and water dispensers, self-cleaning bowls, and a retina scanner that only allows them entry into their abode. The house is also going to be equipped with cameras so the owners can monitor their activity 24 hours a day with climate control. The house is estimated to be worth $420,000, making it the most expensive dog house in the world.

The Brick Tudor


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The Brick Tudor dog house is a design taken right off the streets of Chicago. Its made from hand-laid authentic Chicago brick and Italian stone fixtures. The house is 8′ x 8′ with 7-foot ceilings which can more than easily accommodate any dog and their human. It also comes with textured ceilings, slate floors, modern light fixtures, architectural shingles, custom windows, and is air-conditioned. Although the house does not come furnished, there is more than enough space to furnish the house to whatever standards you or your pet desires. With this home, your dog will be living in style.

The Pet Camper


The pet camper is the ultimate home for your dog that doesn’t mind a change of scenery every now and then. It’s a mobile, retro, and stylish dog house that is built to meet your dog’s need. The house was designed by contemporary furniture designer Judson Beaumont who created the first pet camper for his daughter’s own little dog. He wanted to build a house that was clean and suitable for a dog, but also easy on the owner’s eyes. On his design, he noted that you can, “still vacuum or mow the lawn without the house getting in the way because of its mobile capabilities.” Currently, the campers are strictly custom made with the price varying upon request. However, he intends to begin mass-production too.

The Alabama


For $3,600, this American southern-style mansion or “The Alabama” as its known, is the perfect design to give your yard and your dog the ultimate southern feel. The architecture is based on the design of classic southern American homes dating back to the very beginnings of the United States. The structure has break-proof windows both true to the architectural style as well as allowing maximum natural light and premium varnish wood. What makes this house so authentic is the attention to detail with its lattice windows and real bitumen shingles. If that wasn’t enough, the roof also comes off in order to allow easy access for cleaning.

The Fairytale Castle


The fairytale castle is the ultimate little dog luxury abode. The castle comes with two realistic turrets, and the castle-like architecture will make your dog feel like the ruler of their own magical kingdom. If desired, the coronet on the front of the castle can be embroidered with Swavorski crystals to prove that your dog is indeed royalty. The crown above the entrance can have your dog’s name painted on free of charge so all know who resides within the fortress. There is also a cleaning lid located on the back of the house which makes cleaning breeze so that your dog’s castle is always up to standard. However, the house only comes in a small size, since it is only designed for little dogs at the price of $6,200.

Ever seen Pari Hilton’s unbelievable dog house?

Paris Hilton’s Dog Palace


Paris Hilton really set the bar when she commissioned her own dog house which cost her $325,000. The house is two-stories, air-conditioned, heated, and fully furnished with a black crystal chandelier to top it all off. The downstairs portion of the house is a living room for the dogs to relax and bask in their wealth, and the upstairs is a bedroom with a closet packed full of the outfits that she has purchased for her pets. The house was decorated by interior designer Fay Resnick and was built to resemble her own home with miniature Phillipe Starck furniture and a door big enough for Paris herself to walk inside and be with her pets.

Spanish Mediterranean Dog House


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The Spanish Mediterranean dog house is the ideal vacation home for dogs of any size. Designed at 12′ x 8′ with 7-foot ceilings, the house is big enough to even become a play place for small children. The house is equipped with a round turret play area, marble floors, numerous windows, mahogany colored trim, marble floor, and a handcrafted door. In addition to the craftsmanship, the house comes with working light fixtures, air conditioning, and a barrel tile roof. Although it is not included, the house is big enough to furnish and even install a television depending on your pet’s preferences. For just $22,500, your dog can basically live like they’re on the coast of Spain.

The Malibu Beach House


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This tasteful Malibu-style beach house will make your dog feel like they’re waking up next to the ocean every morning (if they aren’t already). With its baby blue paint job and custom built deck, it perfectly reflects the homey beach bungalow feel that so many people desire. The house measure 6′ x 8′ with a 5-foot ceiling- the perfect size for most dogs. Along with the deck, the house comes with a white picket fence to really give off that beach vibe while providing your pet a sense of security. The house is also equipped with ceramic floors (for easy cleaning of sand), a shingle roof, working lights, air conditioning, and a textured ceiling. For $8,500, all the house needs is a surfboard rack for your pooch to store their board and they’re all set to hit the waves!

The Mongolian Tent


This tent-style home was based on a design fit for a ruler and conquerer, similar in design to the tents used by Ghengis Khan and his Mongolian officers. It is 22 inches wide, 25 inches deep, and 30 inches high. The tent is also covered with intricate fabrics and designs, topped with ostrich plumes to signify your dog’s level of royalty and status. However, the tents have a design option where the buyer can select from a wide variety of fabrics and designs to make the tent as personal and comfortabel as possible for their furry friend. Your dog can live like a Mongolian conqueror as well for around $5,000.

Rawicz Stone Pet Palace


Photo Credits: Rawicz Pet Palaces

Rawicz stone pet palaces are personalized stone doghouses created by master jewelers and European master craftsmen with over 40 years of experience in historical restoration, design, and manufacturing. This particular palace is made from lapis lazuli and is accented with Swarovski crystals and exotic woods. It is a one-of-a-kind house and fits dogs under 18 pounds. The exterior of the house is made of lapis lazuli, gold leaf Australian lacewood, and special order jeweled Zardozi carpet. It also comes with a sheepskin pillow with an organic, aromatherapeutic lavender insert. With all of the beauty and craftsmanship involved, this particular house sells for $18,500.

Cape Cod Cozy Kennel


The Cape Cod Cozy Kennel is the perfect sanctuary for your dog of any size. It comes with wood wall framing, wooden trusses, flower boxes, shutters, outside trim, and a chain link fence interior enclosure. Although it is designed for dogs 76 pounds and up, it will be like living inside of a palace for dogs of smaller sizes. It also includes an elevated floor to keep your pup up off of the ground, and windows so your dog can look to see what’s going on from inside of their home. This house will look tasteful in any yard, and your dog will love you for its own space which costs $5,000.

Paw Manor


In case you were wondering, no this isn’t the picture of an actual house. This is a dog house that was designed and constructed by master craftsman Alan Mowrer, one of the best-known luxury dog house creators in the world. This manor-like abode is estimated to be worth $25,000 if you can believe it or not. Clearly, only the most spoiled of dogs will have the opportunity to call this place home. The house also comes with running water, lighting, air conditioning, and heating. Any dog residing in here will be comfortable, to say the least!