These Dads Have Their Own Hilarious And Unique Ways Of Parenting

When it comes to parenting moms and dads oftentimes have their own unique ways of taking care of the kids. We have compiled some amazing and hilarious photos and GIFs from a group of dads who prove that boys may become men, but they always retain at least a little bit of their boyhood ways.

1. A Family Gathering In A Restaurant Far Far Away.

2. Karate Chop Dad!

3. No Reason To Give Up Some Gaming Time.

4. Hero Dad to The Rescue!

5. I Have A Feeling His Daughter Created This Dance Routine.

6. Dad Pushing A Star Wars Stroller.

7. Training The Next Tony Hawk. But Seriously Dad How About A Helmet!

8. This Dad Has Some Serious Sandwich Bag Art Skills

9. Dad Plays With His Kids Even When Napping.

10. A Swing And A Beer, Dad And Daughter Both Get Their Way.

A beer during playtime

11. Dad Swing!

12. Gaming While His Toenails Are Painted.

13. Time To Freak Out Mommy.

14. Tutu Wearing Dad

Dads have their own unique parenting style and that sense of fun and adventure is an important part of development for children. You might not agree with all of their decisions, but you have to admit that these dads have embraced their roles in unique and sometimes silly ways.