These Hilarious Selfie Responses Completely Re-Imagine The Original

These internet users shared their own selfies with the world. In response, the world responded by posting hilarious caricatures of those selfies.

In some cases users added commentary to their cartoon-based creations. In other cases, they just drew funny responses to the original selfie.

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1. Truth added to a Selfie. A Funny Selfie Cartoon Creation

2. You are pretty. Lol.

Alien Type Selfie

3. What was really running through this guys head.

Amazing Cartoon Selfie Creation 4.  The full picture selfie. Cartoon Selfie Creation 5. The enhancement selfie. AKA the boob job selfie. Cartoon Selfie Responses6. The complete cartoon selfie.Cartoon Selfie 7. He’s single and available ladies. Cartoon Selfies 8. The Cruella De Vil Selfie.Funny Cartoon Selfie Creations 9. The Tell Me I’m Pretty Selfie. Funny Cartoon Selfie Responses 10. The Real Life Thor Selfie Photo. Hilarious Cartoon Selfie Creation 11. The “your shirt is too small” selfie. Hilarious Cartoon Selfies 12. The turning baby into a cartoon animal selfie. LOL - Selfie Cartoon 13. Pringles… MMMmm.Pringles Guy Real-Life Selfie 14.  The “Thrift Shop” Mackelmore selfie. Selfie Caricature 15. Truth in Advertising Selfie. Selfie Tattoo On Lip Cartoon Creation 16. I don’t know what to say here. This Cartoon Selfie Is Hilarious 17. This is actually an adorable re-imagining. This guys Cartoon Selfie is hilarious 18. This guy is just really happy. Turning People Into Cartoon Selfies 19.  The Barbie and Ken Logo Selfie. Turning Peoples Selfies Into Cartoons 20. My favorite creative selfie drawing. You Took A Selfie They Made A Cartoon

Which selfie did you enjoy the most?