These Kids Didn’t Hold Back For Crazy Hair Day

Crazy Hair Day is a staple at nearly every elementary school. The point is to let kids’ creativity go wild. Back in the day, the craziest hair-dos maybe included some pigtails or if you were lucky, some spray-on hair color.

Well, kids (and their parents) today have upped the ante and are starting to go all out for Crazy Hair Day. We’re talking props, hair gel, and gravity-defying styles. Check out these ultra-creative kids and their wacky hairstyles.

A Taste Of The Island Lifestyle

crazy hair day 11

To achieve this look, use an old paper towel tube and string a braided ponytail through the top. Once you have some hair hanging out over the top, add the finishing details by wrapping the towel roll with twine, add some flowers, and finish with hair dye.

This little girl must have been feeling the island vibes when she thought up this palm tree and beach inspired scene. With a little engineering, she completely transformed into a deserted island.

America Runs On Dunkin’

crazy hair day 13

At first glance, this young girl’s Dunkin’ Donuts crazy hair-do looks good enough to eat. If anything, it’s a bad thing that it’s so realistic. To get the look, just form a ballet bun on one side of the head by threading it through a hole cut in the paper plate—you can buy an accessory to do it, or just use a rolled up sock.

After the bun is done, glue the rest of the fun accessories to the plate. Hopefully, no tired or hungry teachers tried to grab a free coffee and donuts from her head.

Life Imitates Art

crazy hair day 17

To get this wacky style you have to do some arts and crafts. The paint brushes, palette, and paint tube are all hot glued onto a hairband beforehand, so when crazy hair day comes along just put on the hairband and add some fun paint colors all over the rest of your hair.

This is the perfect crazy hair day style for an aspiring artist. This little Picasso knew that if they really wanted to stand out from the crowd, they would have to turn their hair-do into a work of art.

We Give This Hang Ten Hairstyle A 10/10

crazy hair day 7

Girls usually have longer hair so they have way more options when it comes to creating wacky styles, but this boy proves that even with shorter hair you can have a lot of fun.

This surf-inspired hair-do is so easy that your kid can probably do it themselves. All you need it a ton of gel and some spray-on hair color. The only thing they might need help on is bobby-pinning the surfer and shark figures.

This Style Is Gravity-Defying

crazy hair day 4

For this crazy style, begin by cutting out a hole in the side of the bottle. Then attach the bottle and cup to a hairband. Carefully thread the hair through the hole and, using a vacuum, suck the hair out the spout. It should fall right into the cup and you’re good to go!

This hair-do doesn’t just make you look once or twice, but you’ll have people staring at it all day trying to figure out how on earth it’s defying gravity.

A Hairstyle Fit For Living Under The Sea

crazy hair day 1

It might be one of the easiest wacky hair-dos to create, but it’s also one of the most innovative. If you know how to do a braid, then you can easily make this one work. Just make sure the braid is nice and tight so that the doll doesn’t slip throughout the day.

This little girl’s hairstyle gets extra points because her name is Atlantis, and her sister’s name is Ariel so they have a family connection to the famous Disney mermaid.

This Is A Definite Three-Pointer

crazy hair day 16

This hairstyle might take some time but it’s relatively simple once you get the hang of things. Simply partition the hair off into sections and weave them in and out of each other using hair ties. When you get to the “net” section, add in the toy basketball and make sure to secure all the hair with one large hair tie at the end.

Basketball lovers now have a way to show off their love of the game on and off the court.

Creepy, Crawly, And Completely Crazy

crazy hair day 6

A trip to the dollar store for some plastic critters and some hair clips is all you’ll need to make this look happen. Spike up the hair using gel and dye it all green. Place the creepy crawlers wherever you want and add a gross plastic worm to cap it all off.

This is yet another way you can still be creative with short hair. Plus, we bet there will be a few classmates who get totally creeped out by this crazy hair-do.

Serving Up Serious Mother Nature Vibes

crazy hair day 14

This mother nature hairstyle is all thanks to a ballet bun and some accessories. While ballet buns are meant to be tight and pristine, you can be a little messier with this one. Try pulling out some strands or teasing the hair first to make it a little more nest-like.

If you’re wondering about the difference between little boys and girls, just compare this nature-inspired hairstyle to the last one. While those boys decided to have worms hanging down their foreheads, this girl decided to turn her hair into a literal bird’s nest.

What Kid Wouldn’t Love The Poop Emoji As Hair

crazy hair day 10

To get this poop-tastic look, you’ll need two ballet buns. Do the bottom bun as normal but pull the remaining hair through the top instead of tucking it in. Use the excess hair to make a second, smaller ballet bun then simply pin the emoji cutouts to the front.

Any parent knows that kids LOVE the poop emoji. There’s something about that silly face on a pile of dung that makes them laugh like nothing else. This crazy hairstyle will be a hit.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

crazy hair day 2

This little girl clearly loves rainbows and we can’t get enough of it. Her look is all about accessorizing. Simply make two tight buns on either side of the head. She used ballet buns but you can do braided buns for more texture. Then all you need are cotton balls, pipe cleaners, and bobby pins to complete the style.

We hope she got a pot of gold for thinking up this incredible crazy hairstyle.

Perfect For Any Webslinger

crazy hair day 3

All you need for this hair-do is to find some old Halloween decorations and recycle the cobwebs. If you’re looking for authenticity, you could also find some real cobwebs in the attic. Then all you need to do it add a Spiderman figure and you’ll be all set to fight crime for the day.

It would be kind of difficult to incorporate a flying Superman or a thundering Incredible Hunk into crazy hair day, but Spiderman is the perfect superhero for it.

Unicorn Hair That’s Incredibly Rare

crazy hair day 15

This little girl had some help from a hairstylist for her crazy hair-do but you can still get the look. It’s going to take a lot of time and teasing but it’s achievable. To get the hair, form a paper cone and simply wrap the hair up around it then pin at the top.

For the ponytail, tie the first section of the hair then tease it into a ball before tying the next section. Keep going until the hair is done then let the child spray-dye their heart out.

Crazy Hair AND Christmas Spirit

crazy hair day 8

Once again, a lot of teasing and gel can go a long way. To turn your child’s hair into a Christmas tree, simply load up the gel while teasing and hairspraying your heart out. If they happen to have extra-long hair then it might be worth your while to add some pipe cleaners inside for support.

Your kid can sport this hairstyle for school or, if you’ll let them, it would be a great way to spice up family Christmas dinner.

More LIke Crazy Beard Day

crazy hair day 20

This hairstyle will only work with really long hair, but that makes it even funnier. It’s as simple as braiding hair, but in the front instead of the back. Add a hat to hide the pigtails, and to complete the look, draw on an extra-manly mustache.

This girl flipped crazy hair day on its head in the most creative fashion. Instead of turning her hair into something wacky, she turned herself into a lumberjack.

That’s The Sweetest Spider We’ve Ever Seen

crazy hair day 12

All you need for this look is a ballet bun. Then just grab some googley eyes and pipe cleaners from the dollar store and you’ll have the perfect creepy hair-do.

This little girl must have read Charlotte’s Web recently and wanted to outshine Charlotte. Spiders usually make us want to roll up a newspaper and smash them instantly but I think we’ll keep this spider around. Sadly, the same can’t be said for Charlotte (RIP).

It’s A Family Affair

crazy hair day 5

We have to give serious props to the parents of these four kids who managed to pull off not one crazy hair day, but four of them. The Minion from Despicable Me and Olaf from Frozen are especially impressive. All four hairstyles definitely took a lot of teasing, gel, and hairspray.

If you’re looking to recreate the Minion style, use an empty two-liter soda bottle as the shape and pull the hair up around it.

An Easy Way To Spice Up Pigtails

crazy hair day 18

Not every parent has the time to gel, spray, and shape their child’s hair in the morning before school. If you’re in a time crunch but still want to do something wacky then try this slinky style. It’s as easy as slipping the pigtails through a slinky before letting them hang loose.

Not only is this an easy style, but your child can probably do it themselves and the slinky will entertain them all day. It’s a win-win.

Is It Crazy Hair Day Or Just A Disney Princess On A Regular Day?

crazy hair day 9

She might not have Ariel braided into her hair but this girl still feels like a Disney princess. Rather than making her ballet bun messy to look more like a nest, this girl decided to make it clean and streamlined like an actual princess.

Plus, we all know that the real Disney princesses can talk to birds and attract wildlife with ease. This little girl might be a reincarnated Snow White or Princess Aurora!

The Ballet Bun To End Them All

crazy hair day 19

This little girl took her love of dancing even further by turning her ballet bun into a ballet dancer. All you have to do to make this look is to add some tulle as a tutu around the bun and place a cut-out on top. If you’re feeling a little extra, sprinkle some glitter all over.

Ballet buns were used in a bunch of these wacky hairstyles so it’s only fitting that someone turned the bun into their actual style.