These Pets Are Ready To Deck The Halls In Their Christmas Finest!

What brings out the holiday spirit more than beloved pets dressed in their Christmas best? From kittens decked out in lights to dogs in their best Christmas dress, this list has it all. So break out your best Christmas playlist and get ready to feel festive!

Light The Way


This Golden Retriever puppy looks like he is trying to figure out what’s wrapped across his legs. Of course, this little guy looks like he’s right at the age to love chewing on everything, so you’ve got to be extra careful with the Christmas lights! Or perhaps this little pup was actually a gift underneath the Christmas tree. Is there anything better than a kid waking up Christmas morning to find Santa has left them their very own dog? Finding this little one underneath the tree would definitely give you the most memorable Christmas morning ever!

Who’s A Good Boy?


It looks like a couple of good dogs got their Christmas gifts early, two delightfully Christmas themed beanies. While the one on the left looks absolutely thrilled to have his new hat, the one on the right looks like maybe he didn’t get the bone he wanted under the tree. German shepherds are an amazing breed that is often used as police or military dogs. They are known to be extremely loyal and intelligent, so perhaps they are simply doing their best rendition of good cop, bad cop. One thing is for sure, this is one adorable Christmas duo!

The Christmas Choir Has Arrived


What’s better than one pet decked out in their Christmas finest? Well, a whole group of Christmas pets, of course! From an Italian Greyhound dressed like an elf to a terrier with antlers. This little group is full of holiday spirit. They even have some mistletoe to complete the scene! We bet these dogs would definitely want to give you a few friend licks, especially if you might happen to have a treat or two in hand. These guys look like their ready to howl the tune of jingle bells and that might actually be a holiday album we’re interested in!

Delight In Lights


Cats are definitely known to get in the mood for the season, often by perching in your newly decorated Christmas tree or batting at the ornaments. But this little kitten seems to be totally smitten with the beautiful colored lights. And can we blame her? Lights are definitely one of the best and most beautiful things to enjoy during the Christmas season. From driving through a neighborhood to take in the lights or walking through a beautiful display, there really is something about the warm glow that makes you feel all warm and gooey inside. We wonder if this little kitten gets that same feeling or if it’s more akin to cats loving to chase lasers?

Santa Paws


Who would love to see this little kitten come down your chimney as Santa instead of the old jolly man with a belly as full as a bowl full of jelly? Regular old Santa is pretty great but we would equally thrilled by a visit from Santa Paws. You could even still leave the milk out! Although, instead of some cookies this Santa Paws might enjoy a good piece of salmon instead. Although, if this kitty was in charge of delivering the presents, we could imagine she might a little bit distracted by all the twinkling lights!

Holiday Treats


Speaking of holiday goodies, this cat and dog duo are definitely loving their share of snacks. Instead of cookies this dog seems to be treating himself to a plate full of Christmas doggie biscuits, while his kitten friend helps herself to a glass of delicious milk. Santa should bring along this duo to help him finish all of the cookies and milk left for him at all the houses around the world. Plus, how cute would Santa be with cat and dog sidekicks in addition to his reindeer? Can’t you imagine them riding shotgun with Santa in the sleigh? Santa should definitely consider bringing his pets along for the ride.

Decorated Like A Tree


This photo is actually a still from a video, where this cat is allowing its owner to decorate her like a Christmas tree. Amazingly, the cat doesn’t even seem to mind much with all of the tinsel and ornaments being placed. Even more surprising is that the cat is wearing a pair of boots on its little feet. Many cats would not be tolerant of being touched this much, much less let themselves be decorated so this so it must be a little bit of Santa’s magic to make this little one set still. We wonder if this Christmas magic would work on kids?

Less Is More


This is a boxer dog. This breed is known to be intelligent, playful, protective and great with kids. This is why they are probably one of the top family dogs. This dog has a minimal Christmas outfit, in comparison with some of the list, with just a simple Christmas plaid bowtie. However, his expression really says it all, doesn’t it? Look, some dogs just don’t want to dress up and this guy is definitely one of them. He has a look that says, “Really, Mom?” Of course, wearing a Christmas bowtie like this would be the perfect accessory for a family photo.

Huge Christmas Spirit In A Tiny Package


This little guy definitely brings something new to the list – a hamster decked out in a tiny Santa hat! Have you ever seen anything so incredibly adorable? Not only did this own find a Santa hat tiny enough to fit the head of a hamster but they also staged a full photoshoot complete with fake snow, ornaments and even a tiny tree! This little hamster definitely looks like he possesses a good amount of Christmas spirit. At least this photo shoot looks to have been held indoors so this little guy can stay warm during the chilly winter season.

Happy Feet Christmas


Yes, that’s right. You’re seeing penguins decked out in their absolute Christmas finest. There is a lot of cuteness on this list, but this photo might take the cake! These penguins were actually dressed for a Christmas march in South Korea. Usually a zookeeper (or penguin-keeper) walks behind them, scooting them along with what looks to be a broom in order to keep them moving. Apparently, this a regular tradition and it goes on for a few days a week for the month of December. They have the perfect little waddle for the cutest Christmas parade. Even Santa would delight in seeing these little guys decked out in their Christmas finest!

Cutest Christmas Duo


Have you ever seen such an amazingly cute Christmas duo? These two are an absolutely adorable pair of Christmas dachshunds. These guys have a dreamy-eyed stare which makes it seem as though they are being prompted with off camera with a treat, but we don’t mind! Dachshunds are known to be alert little watchdogs who like to protect their home turf. It would be very hard for Santa to sneak into a house with one of these little guys inside and they would be sure to alert the whole family. Then again, one of them makes a very convincing reindeer so maybe they would get a pass.



This outfit has a lot going on: reindeer antlers, paw protectors, Christmas vest and yet this dog pulls off the look magnificently. This dog is a Weimaraner and they are probably best known for their beautiful looks which almost always consist of a beautiful grey coat, floppy ears and piercing light-colored eyes. This breed is also known for being energetic with a love of games and also known for its physical endurance. In that way, the breed might actually be similar to a real-life reindeer although these dogs are usually used for hunting. So any tiny creatures (especially elves) might want to look out!

Santa’s Good List


This gorgeous cat duo had to have made it onto Santa’s good list, don’t you think? Once again, we have one extremely well-behaved kitty that even allowed to have a pair of sparkly red boots placed on. That is and of itself is quite a feat when it comes to cats! Santa-cat’s sidekick is equally beautiful with a Christmas themed bow placed at her neck. Cats always seem to love the Christmas season, especially because it often means they get to climb and play in a lighted Christmas tree, but these two seem to be delighted to pose for their owner. Santa is sure to bring these kittens lots of treats!

Max, Is That You?


This dog looks exactly like the character of Max from How The Grinch Stole Christmas. In fact, we think that the photographer had to have been inspired by the character. Poor Max is owned by the titular character of the Grinch. Max never seems to be entirely happy to be going along with the Grinch’s sinister plans. Of course, this story could never happen in real life. Because of course, if the Grinch had a loyal pet like Max, his heart would have already known the joy of love and giving. Something tells us the dog in this photo is great acting but he’s probably got a way better life than poor ‘ole Max.

Yes, It’s Me Santa


Did this guy fool you? This dog looks to be a Pitbull breed or at the very least a pit mix and he looks delightfully dapper in his Santa get-up. He definitely has the part down to a tee. Who wouldn’t love to stand in line and visit this dog at the mall? It wouldn’t be surprising if he got his gifts a bit mixed up though. After all, dogs are known to get distracted by a bone or two. Despite their bad reputation, pit bulls can be an extremely loving and protective breed. Historically, they were even once used as nanny dogs! So a job as Santa might not be too far off.

Who Is She?


Siamese cats have always been one of the most beautiful of all the feline breeds and this duo is definitely no exception. One is dressed like a Christmas tree and the other in her best Santa dress. Siamese cats are very extroverted cats who love attention. They are also known to be highly intelligent. This is probably why they seem to be so comfortable hamming it up in this photo. Or perhaps it’s simply because they know they are some of the most beautiful cats on the planet. Who could forget the classic line from the song from the Disney film Lady and The Tramp, “We are Siamese if you please, we are Siamese if you don’t please”?

One Classy Christmas


This dog definitely has color coordination down, from his coat to the sparkling warm white lights to the beautiful golden wrapped presents. We are not positive of the breed; however, it looks to be a Whippet. Whippets are closely related to the Greyhound and the Italian Greyhound and all three have somewhat similar looks, although they are different sized dogs. These dogs are known to be very gentle, and while they need a good amount of exercise you can often find them lounging around at home. This must be why this dog looks right at home lounging in front of some beautifully wrapped gifts!

Santa’s Tiniest Helper


Chihuahuas are tiny but fierce, as the old Shakespearean quote goes. These dogs are known to be nervous yappers although they are hugely loved for their adorable appearance. The smallest dog in the world is currently on record as a member of this breed. This little guy definitely has to be Santa’s tiniest (and cutest) elf. Can you imagine if this little guy was to wiggle down your chimney with glee, only to find him sitting under your tree Christmas morning? Adorable! Chihuahuas are also known to become extremely devoted to their owner so this little guy would undoubtedly make the best elf.

Ho, Ho, No!


This cat does not look at all enthused about its owner’s choice of attire, in fact, the cat looks a little bit perturbed about the entire thing. Many cats are notoriously moody so this cat must be a pretty good sport to allow its own to put not only a decorative collar but also to wear a hat! However, even though the cat looks to be doing his best impression of Grumpy Cat, we think he still makes a pretty adorable reindeer. If the owner wasn’t viciously scratched through the making of this photo than the outcome was definitely a win-win!

The Three Kings


These dogs definitely channeled the reason for the season when their owner dressed them up in full costume to portray The Three Kings, complete with frankincense and myrrh. Not only were these dogs great sports to actually wear something on their heads, but their owner also brought the whole thing together by even including the Star of Bethlehem, which was the star that led the Kings to see the baby Jesus in the Bible. We wonder if this owner also re-enacted other parts of the Nativity story or if this was their Christmas card for the season? A dog version of a Christmas pageant would definitely be one for the books!